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September 27, 2006


Jefferson must be looking down and saying what abominable nitwits have our progeny become that they would squander the very essence of the republic.

These people have no idea what harm they are wreaking. As Olbermann said, the end of elections for these people is power. The end of war is power. It isn't about being effective, or governing, its all about holding on to power. Damn the Supreme Court! Damn the Constitution! I want my unitary executive! I want my Power!

The only way to put a stop to it is with a Democratic President, because then they will find all sorts of constraints on his power. Surely the Founders never meant the Pres to be supreme over the other two branches! No way!


Any sense that Senate Dems have decided not to roll over on this after all? Apparently Reid's office is denying that they agreed to limit debate. Anything?


on the one hand it seems that Bush is going to do as he likes regardless of what Congress says -- so does it really matter what Congress does here?

on the other hand a little while ago I sat listening to days of Supreme Court confirmation testimony about Presidential powers a their zenith with Congress' consent and at their ebb in opposition to Congress, and it seems like maybe it does kinda make a difference.

also it would be nice to think Congress respects the Constitution more than a President who's disrespected by 2/3 of the country.

also it would be nice to think Congress respects the Constitution more than a President who's disrespected by 2/3 of the country.

well, here's their chance to prove it. According to Frist's schedule, they have until Friday. Can somebody just stonewall for two more days? Is there anything else they can do?

I think a short waterboarding session for everyone who plans to vote on this bill might... clarify... their perspective.

This generates a deep-seated anger as yet again the very integrity and backbone of our Country is being shredded not in some backroom smoke filled good old boy parlor but brazenly in public view on CSPAN for God's sake. Is there a DNA test to see if these monsters are aliens because they're not acting like caretakers of America's judicial system.

Last year Steve King publicly stated that Joe McCarthy was a great patriot involved in "great work."

This guy gives a new an original definition to the term "wingnut moron."

Voting to authorize waterboarding is a war crime.
Voting to authorize the administration to authorize itself to use waterboarding is a war crime.
Today 253 U.S. representatives commited a war crime.
If your representative voted 'yes', I suggest you put your nose one inch from his/her nose and explain, "You are going to prison."
and "There is no statue of limitations".
and "I will be your Ellie Wiesel".

we should see our first full scale filibuster, tag team I would guess.
it would be the very least they could do

The administration is trying to revoke the U.S. Constitution.

Thomas has posted the text of Levin's amendement which failed on a 54-43 vote at 4:30 p.m. today. Leahy writes in a press release, that even Levin's amendment compromised too much habeas. Center for Constitutional Rights shows the vaguenesses in the commissions torture law amount to an executive quantum leap in unilateral capability.

Here is a more even tempered essay on the current text of the commissions torture law, showing as your Iowa rep repeats above, the current version is a remake of the original failed detainee treatment act, complete with language lifted from the Bybee memo. Berenson in the Judiciary Committee this Monday mentioned this too, that the president was replying to the Hamdan ruling by restating DTA, plus adding new unitary executive features.

Just as Jeffery Dahmer didn't start by murdering and dissecting young men but began with small animals, this group of "lawmakers" is starting small and working their way up.

First they torture the English language to redifine torture.
Then they torture foreign suspect combatents.
Then they torture suspect US citizens.


They know exactly what "harm they are wreaking." Except they don't see it as harm.

They are pushing to create a tyranny, and then moving on towards a totalitarianism. First they eliminate the rule of law, then they start controlling personal behavior more. Finally they will start enforcing dogma or ideology. To do this they demonize liberals, pack the courts with their judges, and eliminate the jurisdiction of the courts to the extent possible. Scalia and Thomas will love it, and they've got Alito and Roberts also.

It seems so unbelievable that few Americans can believe that is what they are doing. But there are nearly 40% of Americans who really want a theocracy - which is automatically tyranical or totalitarian. Totalitarian is when the government has police control of both the behavior and the beliefs of the populace.

They've got two years unless Frist wins the Presidency in 2008. With Diebold's help...?

O/T but isn't about time for dubya to bail out of this enterprise before it drives itself into the ground? I mean, look... He's never stuck around to the bitter end. Either daddy's friends have swept in to save him for his failure, or he's been able to sell out at a handsome profit before anyone wised up to the fraud.

People are wising up today. If the President was true to his form, he'd resign now to spend more time clearing brush.

another giant leap forward in the creation of a totalitarian state... i suggest that we do away with the legislative branch... all they've proven themselves good for is enabling george bush and his cabal to gut the u.s. constitution, create a quasi-totalitarian state, and heap shame on what used to be a country that had some self-respect... i can't help believe that, yes, the bill will also be passed by the senate, and will then be trumpeted to full advantage in the final run-up to the elections... meanwhile, an unrelieved blackness is gathering over my country...


The one thing that is certain to me is that we are trying to control something that we cannot control. Terrorism. Just like the alcoholic wife seeks to control the alcoholic and goes insane while trying. We are a nation that has gone insane. Instead of focusing on our strengths, our values, our effectiveness we have taken all our energy and might and decided to try to control that which we cannot. In the process we have begun the spiral dance of death. Folks familiar with 12 steps know well about this dance. This is where the addict and the co-addict lose complete control over their lives as they give into the disease, forgetting their high power, higher values and morals.

The parallels floor me. In my marriage to an alcoholic and my attempts to control him, I hit him, I lied to him, I called him names, I withdrew my love. My husband quit drinking only when I followed a higher power, let my values lead me, treated him with love and respect, and became effective in my own life. Attraction not promotion. Only then did he decide to quit drinking on his own.

This whole country needs an intervention. I am absolutely sick to my stomach that we are no longer guided by values, but by fear. He is afraid. He is insecure. He is afraid and insecure because his behavior, his decisions cause him shame. He fears himself and his own behavior. He blames the terrorists for his fear but has no idea that this cunning and baffling disease is about the way we abandon ourselves and our values in an effort to control that which we cannot control.

See also A New Birth of Freedom.

You dont' like it.
Vote the rascals out.

What you don't have the votes.
Hmmm. Well unfortunately for you, in a Democracy you lose. You need to convince some other people.

Why can't you do that? Oh, they have a different opinion. Well I guess it is that Democracy thing again.

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