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August 14, 2006


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To see site metadata, go to the page of interest and select "View Page Source,"....

Blogofascists Encourage 'Hacking' of Lieberman Website
HARTFORD -- A writer at the hate-filled, leftist weblog "The Next Hurrah" encouraged readers Monday to hack the website of Joe Lieberman. In a post featured on The Next Hurrah's home page, a blogger writing under the pseudonym "emptypockets" suggested that readers use an arcane browser function known as "view source" to access private "metadata" at the Lieberman campaign website.

A spokesman for the Lieberman campaign said, "This emptypockets person acknowledges in the weblog post that metadata is, 'not shown in your web browser' ... [S]uggesting that readers access such information is tantamount to hacking." The campaign has contacted the FBI and demanded an investigation. The Lieberman campaign also pointed out that Ned Lamont is a big weenie who wants the terrorists to win.


Thank you for doing this. I was wondering what's up re labor and Lamont.


Snort! That'd be funny if it weren't so right on.

A good way to lose a labor endorsement is to prematurely represent yourself as having already received it. As someone who's worked for and with organized labor, I can tell you it's one of the stupidiest things you can possibly do.

DHinMI, oh dear. I would hate for that to happen, just because it was brought to light in some silly blog post by little old me...

&y, and they would, too. Actually, I was surprised how taken off-guard the woman at Lieberman hq sounded when I called asking if AFL-CIO had endorsed him (and I used as neutral language and tone as possible, "I wanted to find out if the AFL-CIO had endorsed the Senator in the general election"). Seems like something they would know about without checking. (Then again, whoever answered the phone at the President's office of the AFL-CIO also wasn't able to give me a direct answer. Maybe that's just how phone-answerers for political groups are.)

This looks like an attempt to manipulate Google to me. The hope, I'm sure, is that someone doing a search for, say, "AFL-CIO endorsement" will get Short Ride Joe's site. The obvious answer to that would be a nice custom made Googlebomb just for Joe -- or does that count as hacking too?

Even more interesting (and maybe an even bigger blunder per DHinMI) considering that labor looks like it wants to restore itself as a big player this election, via SusanG at DKos.

It ain't just stupid.... it is probably a violation of federal law.

Blue Meme, very interesting thought! Any thoughts on bringing more light to the subject?


The key question is whether the AFL-CIO has endorsed Lieberman. If so, then almost certainly there is no violation. If not, then things could get interesting.

So the thing to do may be to call up the AFL-CIO and ask.

The other thing to keep in mind is that trademark infringement is a private right of action, and only the union itself would have standing to bring the case. So unless they get pissed enough to want to hurt him, it goes nowhere even if he did commit the violation.

Hard to get squat about what's going on inside Connecticut labor from my Google perch, notwithstanding a Nation-originated article at Yahoo News from last Friday containing this:

Most major labor unions supported Lieberman, and the AFL-CIO is even planning to sit out the general election rather than support Lamont.

Bullshit on that, though, you do develop a nose after 37 years in the movement. I had to laugh when a well-intentioned commenter at another blog encouraged contacting Connecticut AFL-CIO chief John Olsen, who wouldn't give a flying fuck if he got 100,000 eMails through the Internets. A gentle hint from the President of a big IAM local, now you're talking, and these guys are supposed to be conferencing on the subject later this week.

Lamont has had good support from CT labor, including the AFT, IAM, and SEIU (including 1199), all vocal, active unions in the state. I expect they're working furiously at this moment to throw the CT AFL-CIO to Ned.

Olsen has a lot to lose by being an obstructionist, especially since unionists for Lamont will build a parallel structure to do the political mobilization the state-wide AFL-CIO usually does if they refuse to on this occasion. That will build a battle-tested network of pro-Lamont and anti-Olsen labor activists throughout the state, something no bureaucrat like him would welcome.

BlueMeme, your thought was also mentioned by moltencarbon on dailykos.com who said "There are a number of cases where one company or group has sued another (and won) for using their trademark in metadata. Maybe someone should send a note to the AFL-CIO. Here's a link to see a list of cases."

No matter if AFL-CIO brings a suit, it is valuable to make clear the seriousness of misuse of their name. It's not just 'politics as usual' with the occasional sneaky web trick -- it's against the law. As DHinMI and MikeB point out here, the goal isn't to slap joe2006 with a lawsuit, but rather to make it clear that Lieberman is not behaving well towards AFL-CIO and to encourage them to consider making their resources available exclusively to the Democratic nominee for Senate.

The Lamont campaign's blog has also picked up the story

I just checked the CT AFL-CIO site for the endorsement page they had up before the primary (the one listing Lieberman as an endorsed candidate) and the page has been removed. It has also not been replaced by a new endorsements page, which means that all endorsements are currently missing from the CT AFL-CIO site.

By the way, I did the Google search as mamayaga suggested, but it doesn't point to joe2006.com yet (at least not on the first three results pages.) Of course, that doesn't mean it won't in the future if they keep the metadata intact.

The P.S. at the Lamont campaign's blog post brought me a smile.

He's so republican that he's even resorted to republican trickery. Can you say Karl Rove???

Good site! I'll stay reading! Keep improving!

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