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August 01, 2006


It also sends a message to other (Dem) politicians of what might befall them, much like the defeat of Charles Percy by Paul Simon in 1984 after Percy had supported the sale of AWACs planes to Saudi Arabia (during the last Israel-Lebanese War).

Maybe, Mimikatz, but the instructional value is very low unless the target is actually defeated. Dingell is a lock.

I actually think it's akin to the SwiftBoat smear on Murtha. He, too, is a lock. But it's like they're trying to create straw enemies out our leadership as a way to caricature the party.

Dear Mr. Hinderaker,
You misquoted John Dingell by editing out his complete comments about Hizbullah.
You owe John Dingell an apology.
And you owe your readers an apology for intentionally misleading them.
You can’t be trusted to deliver the truth.

Isn't it possible they're in such bad position that they're just flailing around, scattershooting at any target that comes momentarily in their sights?

It reminds me of what Roger Angell wrote about the fans of the godawful '62 Mets -- they kept up their "Let's go, Mets" chants almost without cease because, when your team is that bad (hitting about .210), there's no point saving your rooting for promising moments -- there aren't going to be many.

sorry for the OT (and maybe it has been mentioned before, not sure)
but, knowing your love of all things Judy, couldn't resist.

Court: Prosecutors may demand New York Times phone records
NEW YORK -- An appeals court on Tuesday overturned a judge's ruling that had protected New York Times phone records from being inspected by federal prosecutors.
By a 2-1 vote, a three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held that prosecutors investigating leaked information about a terrorism fundraising probe had a valid interest in seeing who contacted Times reporters.


The case involved stories written in 2001 by Times reporters Judith Miller and Philip Shenon that revealed that the government planned to freeze the assets and search the offices of two Islamic charities, the Holy Land Foundation and Global Relief Foundation.


It is like Swiftboating, in the sense of attacking a group's strength. And even if Dingell is safe, it gives any less secure politician pause. If they will go after someone as strong as Dingell, what will they do to me if I don't toe the line?

To be fair, Ave Maria isn't a fundie law school, it is a conservative Roman Catholic law school. There is a difference between the two groups.

See, that's the problem when your number one qualification as an arm of the Mighty GOP Wurlitzer is your ability to be a loyal soldier and distribute talking points efficiently and with a minimum of commentary, only dressing them up to make it sound like your own words.

In essence, that's what a plagiarist does. So for GOP pundits, bloggers, hacks, etc., having plagiarism on your CV is something to brag about. Indeed, it might be the only qualification that matters.

Yes, you're correct Anthony. But fundie is what I and others in Ann Arbor and even my mother-who-works-for-the-Church calls those things touched by Monahan in sloppier moments. But I apologize for the carelessness.

Two things:

One, Debbie Schlussel is a horrible excuse for a human being. she doesn't have even a passing acquaintance with the truth, much less a humane bone in her body. She's also a one-time (and possibly current?) resident of the Detroit area, with an apparent hatred of Arabs that knows no bounds. And she's done hit jobs on area Dems in the past; David Bonior was one of her past targets. Bonior used to be accused of being anti-Semetic all the time (never mind that his wife Judy is Jewish).

As for the Ave Maria people being conservative Catholics, I'm actually going to defend EW's original phraseology and urge her to stick to her guns on that one. They aren't some conservative Thomist scholars over there. They aren't even Pat Buchanan types. They take a position way to the right of just about any other Catholic organization on a whole slew of things. For instance, they've been involved in some of the lawsuits about the teaching of creationism in the schools. That's not a conservative Catholic position, that's closer to the fundie stances we associate with lunatics like Pat Robertson.

this is just intimidation.

there is no other answer.

dingell is supposed to look in his rear vice mirror if he regains power. that s all.

classic rove mafiosi style.

I envy you some of the politicians who have working for you in Michigan. Levin too. It's an impressive bunch.

As a non-conservative Roman Catholic I think that "fundie" is just about on target for the Ave Maria crowd: at least, you won't offend any non-fundies by using the term.

"Rep. John Dingell (D-MI)"

The most important letter in there is the D (and I don't mean the one in "Dingell"). It doesn't matter whether this Dem is in a close race, it only matters that smearing him this way gives Reep propagandists fodder against everybody with a D after their name. Even if you don't live in a district represented by Murtha or Pelosi or Dingell, the national fundraising appeals can invoke the "threat" of having "these people" in positions of power.

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