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August 20, 2006


I'd stopped watching Sunday talk shows, so for all I know this kind of outright racism replaced the usual night-is-day gibberish some time ago, but I was surprised just now to catch a moment of George Will talking about civil war in Iraq, quoting something from Churchill and going on to say "..so gratitude isn't exactly a strong suit over there." oooh, those congenitally ungrateful Iraqis -- and after all we've done to them for them.

Thanks for picking up what Amal wrote us. In one sense, we "know" this is happening in Iraq -- and in another sense, it is almost impossible for us to "know." Direct communication helps bridge this a little.

As has been noted here, the threat of liquid explosives is nothing new. And technology has been developed to detect them. Did ya know that? Faux spews doesn't consider such a story newsworthy but here at undeniable liberalism, it's quite pertinent. And did you know that not only does our government know about it but they use it? Good enough for the cheney menstruation, but not good enough for you.

"Since the early 1990s, AS&E has made SmartCheck, a $50,000 low-intensity X-ray scanner that can spot a bottle of organic compounds in a passenger's pocket.
But is the liquid an explosive, or a batch of baby formula? Ahura says its $30,000 handheld laser scanner, the First Defender, can answer the question. The device can ``see" through glass or plastic bottles and identify any of 2,500 different chemical compounds in about 15 seconds. The FBI and New York City police already use the Ahura system, which went on sale about a year ago.
Joe Reiss , AS&E's vice president of marketing, said his company's SmartCheck systems are used at the White House and the US Supreme Court. But they're not widely used in airport security. TSA agreed last year to conduct tests of the system. But Reiss said those tests had not yet begun."

So ya see, the system isn't "tested enough" for airport security, but it's used at the whitehouse and supreme court. How does the bullshit smell? TSA needs to conduct tests......ok....suuuuurrrrrrre. One would think that if the detection system is good enough for the whitehouse and supreme court, it would be good enough for all of us, without any testing. Did the whitehouse decide to use a liquid explosive detection device without knowing if it is effective? Kinda doubtful doncha think?

95% effectiveness sounds a hell of a lot better that Cheney's One Percent Doctrine , in fact there is an oxymoron in there somewhere.
Don't the wing nuts from the facist right side always scream better safe that sorry? Especially when they try to defend the Patriot act . Sure the cost to implement this system would be high, but with hundreds of billion of trax cuts for the wealthy, and a quagmire that's costing 5 billion a month, the undeniable liberal thinks that there just might be a few corners to cut, like WE THE PEOPLE all do. Obviously, the companies that have developed this technology aren't big republican donors.

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