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August 22, 2006


Here's a candidate that makes Alan Keyes look extraordinarily popular.


I voted for alen keyes in the publican primary once, just for the fun of it

The other six people who voted for him must have felt the same... and two were family.

Apparently Schlesinger was on Tweety today attacking Sanctimonious Joe from the Right.

More of that please.

The R plan in DC doesn't match the R plan in CT. The local party is being asked to fall on its sword for the sake of Junior.

I can't imagine that will stand. The CT Rs must be fuming.

The Republican national organization's decision to dis Schlesinger will hurt him worst in the one area in which he is the weakest - money. Without money he will not be able to get his platform or his views out to any possible constituency, including his fellow Republicans. How could they possibly vote for him if they don't even know anything about him?

Even Giordano had more support in his last run against Lieberman, and Giordano was a total sleaze, not just a Republican sleaze. We all knew he came from Waterbury, with the stain of Rowland on him and all, but I don't think any of the general public had any idea he was as slimy as he turned out to be. Even Giordano got a respectable Republican vote tally, thanks to the national resources made available to him. Schlesinger won't even have that support and his pecadillos can't even begin to compare to Giordano's.

The question is what he'll do after going to DC with his hand out and getting it slapped.

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