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August 16, 2006


Forgot the byline. This is mine.

Given that Iraq's population is much less than the U.S.'s, their situation is significantly worse -- in terms of raw loss of life, at least -- than our 9/11.

Jim E

I was going to make the same point. This is like 10 9/11s at once, right? We probably need to start talking in those terms if we want the "looking for gratitude" president to understand.

Jim E. -- You beat me to it. I believe Iraq's population is about 23 million, less than a tenth of ours. So we're looking at more than ten 9/11's there every month. Of course, there is a significant ethnocentric, not to say racist, thread in American political thought that discounts the value of non-American lives, thus the frequent assertion in many places (even at times in liberal blogs) that only about 2,600 have died in the Iraq War.

We are at at this moment, soon to be a round 300,000,000. Iraq is at about 26,000,000. That means it is more like 13.2 times as much, or like us losing almost 40,000 in a terror attack every month. Put another way, we lost roughly .001% of our population in the 9/11 attacks, and they are losing .0132% of their population every month to the violence.

Anyway, it is a horrifying number. Anyone who says it isn't a civil war is delusional.

Yikes! Preview!

Yikes! Preview!

It's like the old joke,

Bush is told that three Brazilians soldiers were killed in Iraq.

Bush replies, "That's terrable, how many is a bazillion?"

I liked this one: The Andover Grade Reports of George W. Bush

Advanced Biology: C ...George caused another commotion in the classroom when he decided to throw all the Arthropoda out the window so they could "break the shells of tyranny and give birth to democracy." After much consideration, I've decided I won't let George turn his back to me during my lectures on the flora and fauna of the Galápagos, and he is not allowed to refer to Darwin's Beagle as "the Snoopy ship."

Logic (in place of Calculus): C-
No! I'm sure George is plenty tired of hearing that word from my lips, but I simply cannot allow him to contort the rules, conventions, and basic laws of thought just because his proofs always "seem about right."...

History of the Middle East: Withdrawn

The Maliciously Maligned Monarchy: A+
What an excellent, attentive student! George sits with rapt attention through my lectures, taking copious notes and asking pointed, intelligent questions. He is frequently concerned with revolutions, and the threat they pose to those in power. While the beatniks and hippies want to tear down our great country, starting with the White House, young men like this make me yearn for the days when we said with pride, "All hail King George!"

...and many more at the link.

t is hard to discern such a strategy--or any strategy at all--in the latest news from Iraq, but our leaving could hardly make the situation worse, as the public has finally figured out.

Yes. But we still have a hunk of the Democratic leadership who haven't figured this out. And one of the most lionized of the Democratic candidates for president in '04 - General Wesley Clark - still is unwilling to say it's time to leave. To do so, he says, would lead to "horrendous" consequences, essentially what he's been saying since August 2005 at a time when one could arguably make the case that there was no civil war in Iraq and 750 Americans who have since died there weren't yet dead.

What will it take before the elected Democrats and would-be presidents catch up with thee rank and file, and the rank and file of the majority of Americans, both Democrat and other?

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