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July 13, 2006


I think you mispelled the Congressman's name. I think meant Hoaxtra.

The Middle East may now be evidence of what happens when the world’s sole superpower abandons any semblance of detente. Read an analysis on how Dick Cheney sees the current U.S. foreign policy as the culmination of three decades of strategic efforts to position America as the sole occupant at the top of the power pyramid…here:


In the current environment where disinformation is a multi-billion dollar business with the Rendon Groups of the world who knows what is fact and what is fiction.

I think an important approach to analysis should be about who gains financially.

Ever since the Hamas electoral victory, Olmert has been quite categorical that the Hamas government would be toppled. As the Israeli response to the recent kidnapping of its soldiers expands and the reprisals on all sides grow the options get more and more limited for all parties. The Cheneyites run the national security apparatus and Bush may want to double his bets egged on by them (read Billmon's Flight Forward posts).

But engaging Iran into a military and violent confrontation means all rationality has been lost. So the key to this developing story is to watch for the propaganda signs that enable fear and loathing to engulf the American public and the Dems DC leadership cowering. Its going to take something spectacular for the American public to acquiesce to the Cheneyites growing dark side battle.

And I'll say again what I've said here before. There won't be a war with Iran because we can't sustain it. We can't sustain a war with Iran because they out-foxed the Bush administration. They baited the Neocons into attacking Iraq, pinning the U.S. down in a battlefield of Iran's choosing.

Via DovBear, Pelosi, Hoyer, and Reid issued statements condemning Hizbollah very strongly and asking for it to give back the Israeli soldiers. Via Haaretz Ahmedinejad has threatened Israel if it should attack Syria. So the onus is now on Israel to claim that Iran is more responsible than Haaretz has forwarded to us or to take the risk if Syria is responsible. emptywheel is right to observe that the burden of proof is on the most right-wing Israelis here.

"Asked if there was a danger of the area slipping into war, Rice said: "I think it doesn't help to speculate about kind of apocalyptic scenarios. What we have to do is work day by day, hour by hour. That's what we're doing, and that's what a lot of others are doing.""

2 cheers!

This time of year begins a three-week mourning period until Tisha B'Av. To correct my earlier post on Kos Nebuchadnezzar began besieging Jerusalem on the 10th of Tevet, but according to rabbis yesterday is the anniversary of his breaching the wall. The religious constituency may believe that this war is part of the end of the world. But they will not believe that Israel can get any triumph out of it for three weeks, and will almost certainly believe that it is an opportunity for people to do teshuva since there are no atheists in foxholes and all that. I myself thought that this may cause Lieberman to reflect on the way he has been campaigning.

This is the "Bloody Kansas" stage of the civil war in the Middle East.
It seems to me Dems can argue that this is precisely what's wrong with out $267,000,000/day occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, it only makes Iran (and Russia) stronger. This is why all the experts told Bush not to invade.

This is insanity. The extremists in all countries seem to be in charge. Rationality has gone out the window. What IS it with these people?

Another issue that arises in the context is the USA's relationship with Israel. As Israel bombs Gaza and Beriut and with the resulting death of Muslim civilians how does this play in the Muslim world. I ask that you do not take that this as being anti-Israel, but at times we must tell our best friends to show restraint or at least pull them aside and ask is all this necessary. And if as our best friends cannot accept our words of restraint, then to abstain at the Security Council is always an option.

Because I cannot see this, Israel bombing of Beriut & Gaza, as helping the American GI on the trying to build a relationship with the Iraqi Muslim Population.


Matthew Yglesias made a good point about the claims that Syria must be behind the kidnapping because, well, whatever. Here's his analogy:

This is mighty fuzzy stuff and it's popping up all over the place. But I'm not seeing the evidence for it. The logic on display is roughly equivalent to the idea that George W. Bush ordered the bombing of Beirut's airport because the United States gives Israel a lot of money and can influence Israeli policy to some extent when we choose to do so (and, no doubt, there are people in Lebanon inferring this very thing as I type, but there's no actual reason to believe it's true).

But I think you're right, many will make that assumption about us, too.

Isreal and the Mossad want to go back to the old days when they 'ran all the terrorists' out of Lebanon.

How much do we pay Isreal yearly and is the US Air Base there just for weddings?

Mimikatz, I just watched John Dean talk about his new book on Oberman's show... it might explain a lot of what we're seeing - about the need of people to follow authorities in times of crisis, and about authoritarian leaders (his target is "Conservatives" but the book apparently reviews academic work since WWII).

CrooksandLiars has the very good video.

For those wondering why we don't urge Isreal to use restraint, in the "restraint" match-up, I think Isreal is coming out ahead.

Hezbolla kidnaps Isreali soldiers, Isreal performs raids in Lebanon.

Iraq does not so much, we invaid their country and set up chaotic, hell shop for 4 years.

Look, we don't have enough troops to field a volleyball game. What, we're gonna drop 3000 bombs and then say sayonara?

No, Vachon, we're not going to drop 3000 bombs. Cheney's going to have them drop one big bomb, slightly more powerful...

True about the volleyball game, and funny. Just another example of how little thought went into the Iraq war (I have no problem with Afghanistan).

I have believed for some time that Israel is determined to attack Iran. I believe that this is part of an effort by Israel to draw Iran into the conflict so they will have an excuse to invade Iran. And they will have Bush's blessing.I think they are in a hurry to get the war going before our elections.

Bush has said again and again that if Iran makes a move against Israel we will attack. He has never qualified that support for Israel by stating that they must exercise any kind of restraint. They are free to go batshit crazy and attack everyone in the region in order to bring about a war, and we will happily cheer them on.

I am sick over this. I do not understand what motivates these lunatics to believe they are entitled to destroy the entire world for their empire building experiment. Yes, I do believe Isreal wants to rule the entire Middle East.

I used to respect Israelis, but they are acting like terrorists. I think they have forgotten what was done to them, or maybe they think that justifies behaving like monsters themselves.

Israelis are behaving the way they are because of what is being "done to them" now. Remember that the Holocaust survivors are very elderly.

Does anyone find it a little strange that Israel is at bombing two democratically elected governments. (Lebanon and Palestinan Authority.) While Israel and I are not fans of Hamas they were the choice of their people. And in Lebanon after the weakening of Syria's influence elected its own government. As I think Thomas Jefferson pointed out "A new government is a weak government"..maybe it is easier to get what you want through Chaos then to sit across a table and speak to each in other in a civil manner.

Is it anti-Semitic to wish that Israel exercise restraint? Playing a powerful (or desperate) hand, Israel has invaded and blockaded a country over three kidnapped soldiers. The conflict now risks involvement not just of Hamas and Hezbollah, but Syria and Iran. The Los Angeles Times reports this morning that despite Bush Administration's claims, it is far from clear that Iran or Syria ordered the kidnapping nor has any control over the people who executed the raid.

So why has Israel invaded? And where is all this going? Writing in the Los Angeles Times, David Myers, a UCLA professor of Jewish history, predicts "an almost ritualized series of violent actions and reactions in order to protect their [respective] symbols, knowing full well that these deeds will only deepen hatred and mistrust." So all the hopes, dreams, aspirations, and fears of people in the region, Jews and Arabs alike -- swallowed up in a blueprint of consuming pride.

Why can't civilized human beings do better than this? Surely we must hate our own children to condemn them to live in such madness.

There is a deep fear going on. That the messiah doesn't appear in Palestine.

Does anyone find it a little strange that Israel is at bombing two democratically elected governments.

Not really. Not when two democratically elected governments harbor extremists. Democracy doesn't equal liberty.

Ed: I guess the old saying "Becareful of what you wish for" comes into play here. But the truth is those two countries held deomcratic elections and elected their leaders by popular vote. And if you could just explain "Deomocracy doesn't equal liberty." because unless your a facist I think those two words don't go together.

And the bottom line is "Bush's Road Map to Peace" is a circle...bomb each other, make-up, bomb each other, make-up....

Today's newspapers and the Bible speak about current events. Ezekiel 38:8,11,14 speaks of a time of security and safety for Israel, which has yet to happen since 1948. Therefore, some event must end the constant threat of terrorist extremists against Israel. That event may well be a war initiated by Iran-Syria-or their proxies against Israel. If this involves the destruction of Damascus as foretold in Isaiah 17 and Amos 1, then most likely a limited nuclear war is meant. The world (UN) will rage, but the funding and support for terrorists will be cut-off (Ezekiel 32:17-32)and the world will breathe a collective sigh of relief. War is horrible and never will solve mankind's problems, but wars will happen. This war will not be WW3, but its end will allow the rebuilding of the Third Jewish Temple and for the Muslim faith to no longer be held hostage by its own terrorist extremists. And israel will live in safety and security as spoken of in Ezekiel 38:8,11,14 and many other passages of Scripture. The next 15 months may well be when this war errupts and Shovuot of 2008 is a possible time when "kings to go to war" in the Middle East.

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