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July 13, 2006


The same people who saw the 2004 election as a vindication of Bush's Iraq war policy are now somehow upset that there is a clear demarcation between the Iraq war stand of the two CT candidates.

Lets make the 2006 elections a referendum on Iraq.

Related to Laura Ingram? I heard one of those hosts(radio) is the daughter of the CIA operations officers(retired) running Counter Terrorism blog.

interesting comment:

7/12: Calm Before The Storm?

The blogosphere's left is far more active in campaigns then their counterparts on the right, so the Blogometer may make it seem like only liberals and progressives have internal fights while the right coasts merrily along. Everyone's focus on CT SEN only worsens the situation, but as the Washington Post's E.J. Dionne Jr. points out 7/11, the post-Bush vacuum may change all that. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is no GOP uniter and the righty blogosphere has not come close to coalescing around an alternative. Additionally, the biggest bloggers on the right traffic-wise (Instapundit, Andrew Sullivan, Kausfiles) are all decidedly less socially conservative than the traditional GOP base (represented on line better by The Corner and RedState). Maybe, just maybe, Dems and the 'spheres left could benefit by having their big proxy fight in '06 (ie CT SEN) instead of in '08.

That Hotline link reads like it's straight out of the Onion.

[REpublican state chariman George] Gallo, who is close to Republican Governor M. Jodi Rell, said, “Our mistake is that we only vetted candidates using their real names.”

I wonder if his fake identity, Alan Gold, had any meaning to him. It's the name of a writer and Judaism scholar, and of course can be rearranged to spell "ALL GONAD."

On Monday, Katherine Harris undergoes surgery for a previously described medical condition.

/totally unfair snark on:

What, she's going to make them BIGGER?

Oops... almost forgot...

However, win or lose on Tuesday (or in November), Emory University's Black says that the Abramoff scandal has taken a toll on [Ralph] Reed, who has gone from a Republican rising star to someone who's fighting for his political life in a Georgia primary. "The boyish look is gone. This is one of the worst experiences in Reed's life."

It would be pleasing to see Reed's comeuppance.

There's a great new Dem ad here if you scroll down a bit.

And as the fundraising numbers come in, I think there is going to be great consternation in the GOP, as many Dems are setting records and there are at least 5 Dem challengers with $1 million plus cash on hand. The enthusiasm is definitely on the Dem side.

And one more astute commentator has noticed that there are some fissures in the GOP machine. I especially loved the part at the end about a possible presidential bid by Jeff Sessions (R-AL) based on the immmigration issue.

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