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July 19, 2006


I wasn't aware that there were Gossling purges still going on at CIA. Thanks very much for the update. Interesting article, especially the part about Negroponte.

You know, stupidity I can handle. Arrogance just pisses me off.

Are the factions involved necessarily confined to the CIA/US intel community, or does this represent a larger rift within the government? If Goss had ties to Cheney as well as to the legislative "gravy train" -- who could the other faction be? The bureaucratic intel establishment? Is Death Squad Johnny a part of that set as well? I'd expect him to fall in with the Cheney-stas.

What's strange to me is how these federal criminal investigations, except for piddling one-offs like Jeff Davis, seem to keep coming back to the Reep organization. I suppose there are really only two lines of investigation, the Cunningham trail (which has led to the CIA) and the Abramoff trail (leading to the White House and Congress). But there's no doubt in my mind that there's plenty of noise the DoJ could make over various Dem slip-ups if they wanted to create an appearance of parity. So what's driving this?

Do these parallel investigations represent a Reep majority at war with itself? Antibodies within the government trying to stave off the neocon infection? Simple turf warfare?

Good questions all, catastrophile. That's one of the reason I keep harping on this story, I'd love to be able to answer some of those questions.

And the one competent Gossling, Greg Kostiw, is out now too.

You mean Michael Kostiw. Pronounced Kos-tee.

Q: What is Michael Kostiw's favorite food?

A: A hot BLT.

Thank you, anon. Tired this morning when I posted this.

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