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July 06, 2006


Well, there is a silver lining perhaps.... if the Democrat who is elected President is someone who roundly criticizes and completely repudiated Bush's policies, the mess left by Bushco may be easier to clean up --- the biggest cause of the mess is that the rest of the world knows that Bushco is insane and completely untrustworthy. Replacing Bush with someone who has been saying that consistently will make it easier to work with the rest of the world....

hey p.lukasiak, that sounds good, but i suspect that most Americans will ignore the turd in the punch bowl

most people have figured out that george is a disaster, but they're ashamed to admit it

and thus cognative dissonance was born

even notice how george's administration resembles a Monty Python routine ???

"I just chopped your arm off"

"no you didn't, just a flesh wound"

by january 2009, America will be an armless knight resting on bloody stumps screaming "come back here you bastard, I'll bite your kneecaps off"

I could be funnier if I knew how to format text around here

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