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July 18, 2006


By the way, Kos has an interesting point about the lack of coverage of the Laffey-Chafee primanry in next door RI.

The republican press (David Brooks and co) cry crocodile tears over Joementum, but nary a word about Chafee.

The fact is that the press cannot get their minds around the fact that this isn't 2002, and oppo to the Iraq war isn;t an automatic loser.


RIC poll has Chafee, Laffey neck and neck

Good one on Lieberman's desperation here.

Lieberman Organizes...And Worries

I just want to mention that the International Crisis Group put out a report today that deals with how the horrific civil war is likely to spread to Kirkuk, drawing in the Kurds who have mostly not been engaged in communal violence elsewhere in Iraq.

And then, the committant of all these wars in the region is ongoing, ever growing refugee flows that threaten to knock over the precarious stability of those countries not yet drawn into the carnage.

Meanwhile George W. is in a hurry to get home ... maybe to mountain bike while the Levant burns? And Joe thinks it is all just fine...

DemfromCT, I know you're right to say Lieberman remains the favorite on August 8th -- at least until a poll appears showing him behind. But stories like the one you just linked make me wonder: not just the shoddy campaign organization, nor the ill-concealed blackmail of "vote Joe or we'll lose key House races"...but the comment about party operatives quietly working against Lieberman. Just as "can Lamont get 15% at the convention" turned into 33% (and how much more, had the ballot been secret?), I wonder if Lamont primary support is a Trojan horse waiting to be revealed at the ballot box.

Suppose Lamont wins by a significant margin? Wouldn't that change the whole gestalt of the race -- with Joe looking like damaged goods to both party and voters? For analogy, consider the Javits primary loss to D'Amato in 1980 -- Javits continued to run on the Liberal party line, and at first polled decently...but finally sank, as most third-party candidates do.

demtom, this is why we keep adding that the Mo is on Lamont's side. he's got organized and interested workers. Joe has to hire and import expertise and enthusiasm. He can lose this.

Right now, the polls mean squat. Who would show up in a tied polling scenario, or one that has joe 3 points ahead?

A lamont blowout would have a huge effect on other races. The question is whether it'd matter more in 2006 or 2008. as I've written elsewhere, if Lamont wins in November, it's a shot across Hillary and Biden's bow. They could no longer hide behind their own Iraq votes and say 'it's all in the execution'. I'm also not the only one saying that.

It'd also have a huge effect on the press.. he's a netroots anti-war candidate that won something. Imagine that.

I heard that Turkey is starting to crack down on the Kurds in Turkey, but is was only a small blurb

anybody have any news on this unmentioned aspect of the hydra that is Iraq ???

doesn't it seem like Joe is given information that the WH wants him to put out there? Saying "all is well" so often that he believes it, even though they have eliminated press coverage from Iraq (along with the rest of our rights as citizens) Only someone that knows that nothing bad will come out of Iraq in the media would ever use it as a tool against a democrat in a debate.
we are living under an authoritarian regime that has taken our rights away. perhaps we need some common sense

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