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July 18, 2006


When will it dawn on Bushie that he is in personal legal jeopardy?

Is it any wonder that so many career professionals have left the bureaucracy? They've been stripped of all their career dignity. A poster over at FDL coined the term "urinary executive", which I found especially apropos since Bush pisses all over the law. When we retake the congress, we need to start a serious legal effort to redefine the limits of the President, as well as exactly what constitutes documentation that deserves to remain secret. Time to pin back the President's ears.

Gawd, I'd give up being blonde if I could just have your mind. Great catch and analysis, thank you. John Forde above is right, and this circular logic/defense Abu has been relying on must of necessity jump its track for this nation to survive Bush.

Oh, I think he realizes he's in personal legal jeopardy. That's why he alternately, 1) trying to get arrested for sexual harrassment instead, or 2) trying to bring the rest of the world down with him.

I'm having a little trouble reading Merkel's body language. Anybody?

Merkel's body language is reflective of a woman, new to office, focused on the job at hand in a roomful of very powerful men. She's been very focused on holding her own while trying to be approachable. Women in powerful roles have interesting role models. Margaret Thatcher was always so exquistitely restrained - can you imagine Bush doing that to HER. Yow! The cowboy just politically tainted one of his last hopes. Merkel, is so stunned in the pictures her first reaction is to be lady but her second reaction is bound to be ferocious. I don't think I ever remember even Bill Clinton doing anything close to that at a G8 meeting and he's a toucher.

He'd have been better off going with the traditional vomit spewing, then?

'Verdammter schweinehund!' (moron, idiot - literally 'damed pigdog'). Maybe we can start calling Bush 'schweinehund' or 'schweinie'. 'Hey, Schweinie, think you can handle rustlin' us up a couple a' cheeseburgers?' Everybody else has a nickname.

Really, that moment with Merkel is pathetic even for Bush. He looks so desperate to be 'charming'. I wonder if Bush ever wakes up in the morning after a particularly engrossing sleep, and thinks, 'Well, another day at the ballpark, yeah boy!..oh, wait. It wasn't all a dream...I really am the president...oh shit.'

Looks like he's left the vomit spew for us. Seriously, who does the open mouth chewing thing like a drunken John Wayne, babbles to Blair or whoever would listen and then careens over to Merkel and rubs her shoulders then saunters out of sight. Where the hell are his keepers?

There ought to be some resignations at DOJ.

And now Bush has 3 people to worry about turning on mikes or otherwise embarassing him at international functions.

What Suskind said is really true--he is strikingly deficient in some attributes and skills one would want and expect a president to have.

seems like W is willing to go where more timorous, and less powerful, mortals fear to tread when it threatens his Presidency - maybe Plame's outing would be another example of this, eh?

He looks like he's in some sort of a trance -- sleepwalking or BAL 0.2+?

No way to verify, but I'd be glad to bet a coupla days pay that they changed his meds leading up to the conference. Trying to mellow him out probably. I don't envy that man's psychiatrist.

When a President of the United States decides to ignore and obstruct legal conventions for personal benefit, continues this law-breaking unopposed by Congressional oversight, and next again acts to obstruct justice by protecting the people who followed his orders... well, only a shill and a syncophant would characterise these actions as correct behavior worthy of a President. Only a fool could ignore this real and fundamental flaw in our democracy today.

Merkel's body language in that set of pictures is, to me, very familiar. It's first involuntary "ohmigod somebody's touching me and it's freaking me out" followed by "but I have to be a good polite girl and make like it wasn't such a problem."

First you recoil.

Then you try to act polite and unbothered.

Then you go home and stew, and get mad at yourself for being the polite good girl who doesn't make trouble.

And you never look at the person the same way again, and maybe your skin crawls a little whenever he's around.

Does anyone remember the John Walker Lindt Plea Bargain? It strikes me that he was one of the few captures in Afghanistan who probably had standing to bring a Geneva Convention action in US courts -- he was a citizen, and when he was captured his father immediately hired counsel for him, and informed the DOJ that he was represented, and the counsel requested immediate access to his client. That was denied. In fact he was not even informed that his father had hired a lawyer to represent him until long after he had been coerceivly questioned. As part of his plea bargain he had to give up his Geneva Convention rights. These memos are from the same time frame as the beginning of the Lindt process.

As to Merkle's involuntary backrub, it is open to all sorts of interpretations. The series of pictures could well be used in Sexual Harassment training -- and I rather hope someone adopts them for that purpose. Wonder what would have happened if she had hauled off and knocked him one across the face? The pictures need to be spread all over the landscape, How not to do Summit Diplomacy.


Yeah, I've been thinking they fiddled with his meds, too.

John Forde, dream on. I can't see that Bush is in any personal legal trouble. He definitely should be but I never hear it mentioned except on blogs. Our elected officials haven't been up to as much as lightly pushing back over his unlawful ways. I dream, too--of the whole Bush litter being charged with, and convicted of, war crimes.

KX, As usual it is easy to draw a lot of topics into a narrow discussion, as the government as conducted by this administration tends to overlap areas of exercise of its power. I wanted to supply now the day after you originated this thread a link to what looks like the first molt of a pentagon papers proportion case which you likely are following already. Judge VRWalker is so helpful in his 70+ page opinion denying the government's amicus motion to dismiss in Heptings v ATT published today that I am reading it prior to Lyle Deniston's in LD's usual place; VRW's opinion has a nicely organized history section leading the reader to an understanding of how the government is attempting to over-generalize to shield the phone company, all the while preserving a very cooperative and conciliatory tone to encourage a vigorous reply from defendants and leaving open the prospect their secrecy framework soon may prevail. Lacking Luttig, the SG likely has another plan; maybe a Roberts selected FISC judge to extinguish this flicker of unSpecterish pushback. Heather Wilson R-NM, the lead person on SignalIntell Subcommittee of HPSCI supposedly was to have read her latest draft of a Specter bill yesterday. I am involved in projects keeping me elsewhere. I hope this helps your efforts.
You may know, my perspective is extraordinarily detached on this topic, even though I see the arguments are probably solid on 4th amendment grounds, and 1st amendment; but so much has been going on so many decades that the current data vacuuming is only a modern scale of an age old problem. I am concerned, but it seems a defect that our system has had to tolerate. Though it remains a good study in the underpinnings of freedom, an effort to which I will give a measure of research of my own, as time allows.
On the OPR disqualification finding by the President, I would picture Gonzales suggesting to white house counsel, that would be an easy way to keep the mechanics of the creation of the programs under wraps. VRWalker has conducted in camera and ex parte review of evidence and is letting complainants proceed to the next phase of discovery; he characterizes their own depositions so far as accusing defendants of many programs beyond the one massive program in the news.
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