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July 11, 2006


according to Hamdan, george bush is a war criminal

to say that we are going to afford minimal Geneva Protections to the prisioners at GITMO is an open admission that the Geneva Conventions have been violated up till now

violations of the Geneva Conventions are CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY

we sentenced Wilhelm Kietel to DEATH for disregarding the Geneva Conventions

so let's support the rule of law here

lets impeach george bush and try him for crimes against humanity

I never had a case before Judge Taylor when I practiced in the EDMI, but she's certainly a good draw for the plaintiffs, no doubt about that.

well, I guess not even one with time-tested faith in the administration's respect for the law would have thought they would offer NO defense of the NSA program no matter what was decided in Hamdan.

Perhaps it's not so much that they chose to go with an already-rejected defense, as much as it was that that's all they've got?

I thought about that at first, but given the "administration's" predilection for delaying tactics in cases that directly test its stupid "legal" theories, I'm surprised they didn't ask for a continuance to regroup after Hamdan.

Well, not to worry. Bush has said in his plain-spoken manner that he takes the court's "opinion" "seriously". In Texas Republicanese that means you don't give a flying f**k and you're going to delay and fudge and lie and manipulate and go on to your next crime. Call me cynical (but not defeatist, we're going to win and send these bums packing). And I think if we really pinch our pennies we can pay off the national debt in about 10,000 years.

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