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July 11, 2006


Bush pushing Social Security and entitlement "reform" this am on TV. That should be good for Dem candidates--put them on the spot! But they use rosy numbers on growth to project a decline in the deficit, and then a pessimistic growth scenario to suggest Social Security can't meet its obligations. The usual sleight of hand.

Social security reform and a stem cell veto.

If the Dems can't make hay out of that, they're just plain incompetent.

I think we need to look behind the surface activity to the oligarchy that truly determines what is happening in this administration. They are very good at helping GW think his pronouncements are his own ideas. McCain is never going to get the nomination, in my opinion, because the powers behind the throne know they can't keep him in line completely. Can you imagine him doing just what Karl Rove says?

The desire to control the world and most of its assets is within their grasp. Do you honestly think they're going to let a few cranky Republicans spoil their party? If they can tweak the voting results to let their candidates win, they don't actually need to get everyone completely in line. Swift-boating works on recalcitrant Republicans too.

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