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July 05, 2006


In the '04 election, there was a Sebastian Mallaby column which my father sent me because he found it interesting. My father is a former lifelong Republican (though not active beyond voting) and he knew Bush was a disaster, but Mallaby's column, which compared what Bush and Kerry said they were going to do, made him wonder whether Kerry would do any better. My dad is no dummy, but he'd missed the fundamental flaw in the column, which was that we didn't have to compare Kerry to what Bush said, we could compare to what Bush did.

That is the key point to repeatedly make to our undecided friends for the election this fall -- it doesn't matter what the Republican candidate says; decide based on what they've done, because if you leave them in charge, you're going to get more of the same (and don't think your one Republican, no matter how good a guy he seems to be, is going to be able to change what the top-down leadership decides.)

Oh, and psst! "Republicans are in disarray!" Pass it on.

time for an "Orange Alert", dontchathink ???

ooooh, look at the scary terrorists

look at the scary liberals

just don't look at the clown behind the curtain

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