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July 21, 2006



Can you say more about what you mean by the flu suveillance in the ME comment? Should the table ALREADY have higher numbers?

Editors tired of the story? Not enough deaths to make it worth their while. Too much of that subject their readers/viewers don't want to hear about: science. Occurrences far away in foreign climes. When it happens here, get back to us.

I know you're not of a mind to say "I told you so," DemFromCT, but I suspect it will be mighty tempting when the virus makes its leap.


Well, NAMRU-3 is in Egypt, and is the naval surveillance station used to check specimens.

We know there were cases (see table). Let's say there are 5 dead ckickens in Kirkuk or Fallujah. I don't know that getting those specimens to NAMRU is a priority for anyone. Does that mean there are no more Iraq cases? What about Lebanon? What about Iran?

Meteor Blades

That survey is a real eye opener. The reporters are very concerned, the editors have moved on. For example:

I don’t want to panic anyone, but I do want to prepare my audience. I have personally told my family to get 90 days’ worth of supplies together, in case they need to stay away from other people for a while. I don’t tell my readers that, because our editors think that may be ineffective and will cause panic. But the world is a scary place. People need to understand what could happen so that they can be ready.

speaking of surveillance:


Senators on Friday criticized the Agriculture Department's planning for deadly bird flu, saying the voluntary nature of its testing program threatens the U.S. poultry industry.

At issue is a federal audit that found the government lacks a comprehensive plan for testing and monitoring bird flu in commercial poultry. The department says it will have a plan in place by October.

"It is surprising that USDA does not have a program that monitors and collects data on what testing is taking place," the senators wrote in a letter to Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns.

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