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June 16, 2006


ew - You're on one. OT I was wondering if you ever dreamed that it would come to be that you would be able to reach the number of people you do with your writings; initiate, stimulate and engage in conversation with a wide range of readers. Make people think. People who make you think (more). I believe this must be stimulating for you and satisfying.

Yes. But what does this have to do with Verlaine's wife and Rimbaud?

Interesting reading along side the two inches of lace showing below the M&M Show's skirts.

The Jerusalem Post has a translation of the complete 'captured' document. I won't go into how the AP headline ('Beginning of the end' for insurgency) conflates the Jordanian Al-Qaeda Zarqawi with the homegrown Iraqi insurgency but the whole document reads like a bad Power Point presentation from a mediocre bureaucrat. In other words it sounds like it was written inside the US government. Sometimes the cynic in me thinks this Zarqawi story has played out a little too pat over the past days - almost like there was a news story for each day planned in advance of his killing. I understand propaganda is part of warfare but it's supposed to be used only on the terrorists, not the American people. My favorite story was from Day 2 when we heard that Zarqawi tried to roll off his stretcher and they called it a foiled escape attempt.

Follow the link to the captured docs. I've read more exiting vacuum manuals.


I used to be a college professor, so I have done my share of (intellectual) stimulating and engaging. But I do love this medium more than the classroom, at least as classrooms are currently constituted.


Ah, yes, OSP II. They're trying, very hard, to replicate their Iraq magic. It'll be a lot harder this time, given how many people are watching.

Ledeen's gotta hate the fact, though, that Larisa or Laura Rozen are going to follow them around to Italy to try to pre-empt his next stunt.

I have always had an affection for Ledeen's writings for the same reason I love Patrick Buchanan's - not the opinions or "logic," which I loathe, but the style and chutzpah. These I can aspire to.

Thanks for your usual high-quality dissection, ew.

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