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June 09, 2006


"...a foreign policy disaster isn't reversed with one small victory."

Let us not forget that Bush's un-provoked, unnecessary and largely unilateral invasion and occupation of Iraq (UULUIOI) has blown a previously check-mated state into four violent pieces: Kurdistan, Sunnistan, Shiitestan, and the Green Zone.

In which of these is there any room for optimism?

Zarqawi's death wasn't any kind of a piece of a strategy, it was dumb luck. Absent strategy, which doesn't seem to be Rummy's long suit, nothing changes. Nothing.

Very good post, DemFromCT.

I agree with your conclusion that Iraq will be front and central for the Fall election. All the polls show that is the single most important issue for the public.

The Dem narrative that I'd like to see is: Bush lied and bamboozled the country into war & occupation in Iraq. Then he FUBAR'd the occupation. We will solve the occupation problem with the Murtha plan and we will investigate the bamboozlement and bring to light how it took place and all the enablers.

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