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June 24, 2006


I like associating with people on the cutting edge, DemFromCT. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.

Yup, anti-climatic. I read an article on this yesterday afternoon and say Oh No! I need to tell Dem. But then I said, oh wait, this is old news.

Great series. DemFromCt's attention to the ramifications of this unfolding story has caused me to begin some preliminary preparations. Things like having some extra food stored away and having a little bit of extra cash should the ATM network not be operational. Of course, living in SoCal near the San Andreas fault in a remote area, these are steps I should have been taking all along. Thank you DemFromCt.

these are steps I should have been taking all along

in CT, it's blizzards, ice storms and nor'easters. everyone loses power every once in a while. it's an all-hazards approach! ;-)

Heh, in STL it's the fear of a "big one" from the New Madrid fault, which is supposedly "overdue." So when my friends come over and give me a hard time about my "bird flu stockup" pile, I also remind them of that fact. I wish I had a basement to hide it all in, but condo living doesn't afford me that luxury. So it's kind of out there in the open.

If nothing else, it's a great conversation piece, and allows me to use a little self-depricating humor. And my wife also goes along with the stockup idea, and she's no blogosphere nutter like myself, so that's saying something.

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