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June 10, 2006


G.R.E.A.T post.

This story reminds me that so-called conservatives, who say they believe profoundly in the value of competition and of rewarding merit in fact believe no such thing. It's part of their hostility towards immigrants, their fear that on merit grounds the Outsiders may prove to be more worthy than they are, and also a big part of their antagonism towards public education, their hypocrisy about "free" markets, in which they fix every aspect to be as non-competitive as they can possibly fix, and their reliance on cronyism and old boy networks to determine who gets the plum jobs and the open doors. Mediocrities who rig the system for themselves and then scream about the stifling effects of regulation, affirmative action, or any other measures that increase opportunities for those not deemed elite by virtue of birth and connections.

No Family values, no forgiveness for one error, as our immigration laws are void of "christian values" (I only say this because that Repug. theme song). Just read below..


Thanks for bringing this story to wider attention. It is inspiring.

I hope that deportation is not the ultimate result, but in the prevailing climate, I am sure someone will think it's appropriate.

I just sent this to my daughter in law, who is a truly rancid republican fascist. She had sent me a nauseating cartoon stereotyping Mexican immigrants, and I forebore response, in the name of family peace. This wonderful story will respond for me. Thank you.

Minnie Mouse, thank you! I hope you didn't send her the link to this site (where you just called her a rancid Republican fascist) though..!

thanks to others for your responses, too.

Especially I meant to thank americanforliberty for that link -- if you haven't clicked through, please do. It's about a wife and mother being deported back to Mexico after living here for many years, married to an American and with a young American child.

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