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May 11, 2006


Very good analysis. I think it is very important to trumpet the evidence that Bush thinks he is King George, especially the refusal to grant subpoenas to DOJ and the new wiretapping evidence. One knock on the GOP Congress is that it won't exercise any oversight, and I think the Dems can batter them with that. I do think we should start with impeaching Rumsfeld, then Cheney, then Bush, if he won't resign. It will be VERY hard for any GOPers to defend Rumsfeld. Once it's done, it will become easier to go on to Cheney and then Bush.

Very good. I find myself marveling at those who think that getting a Democratic majority in Congress will somehow do the job of restoring a Constitutional rule of law in this country. Unfortunately, past behavior of politicians is a pretty good predictor of future behavior. We expect executive stonewalling fed by cowardly temporizing. And no Democratic aspirants for the Presidency, aside from Feingold, seem to me to have indicated that they don't aspire to exercise the authoritarian power Republicans have grabbed.

We have to try to use the impeachment power spurred by agitation at the roots -- and appealing to Congressional hurt pride, as you suggest. Pretty slim reeds to hang democracy on, but we have no others.

setting a precedent for impeachment based on non-compliance with the oversight itself is a far-reaching and much-needed line in the sand.

Hard to argue with that. Hard to argue with any of your arguments in the whole series. There is a difference between what 'pragmatic' has come to mean, and what's actually doable. I personally like what mimikatz suggests (and have done my best to float the idea in other psyberfora): impeaching some of the other criminals first, both for its own sake, and for the reasons KgrX and Ron K. talked about (no pardons).

And we shouldn't make the mistake that was made in Watergate with leaving the underlings to go scot free. Particularly Cambone ought to be so tarred that he can never hold public office again, and David Addington, lest they be our children's Cheney and Rummy.

I agree Mimikatz. Of all the WH officials, Addington scares me the most, because of his unyielding belief in the unitary executive. It is he who is Cheney's Rasputin, and as we know, Cheney, not Bush is the real Decider. I wouldn't be surprised if Addington wasn't heavily involved in the Abu Gonzales memos (or if he even drafted them himself).

Somewhat OT and IANAL, but can intrepid prosecutors at the DoJ take the NSA to court for refusing to grant security clearances for their investigations? They probably already have enough evidence for probable cause that the law is being broken to support a warrant application to search these "secret rooms" in the telcos that are supposedly vacuuming up phone conversations from the major data trunks. Isn't this obstruction of justice to prevent the DoJ from investigating when they already have enough evidence to support "probable cause" that the law is not being followed? And the EO detailing the procedures of classification clearly states that it is improper to classify something to hide illegal behavior.

Can a court case be made here?

I don't care where we start, just get that word out there and start removing some people from office, just to show it can be done, and it isn't even all that painful.

Hell, we may even be greeted as liberators.

Superb post. The spying, the lying, the fraud and the corruption are not the biggest evil we face. The creeping dictatorship is.

I just don't see that anyone other than Feingold, Kennedy and Leahy really get it. The most frightening thing is that the branch most emasculated seems content to function as the palace eunuch.

Um, any chance we could raise our sights a little here fellas?

This isn't about Democrat power. It's about the beast. When the people have been brought along sufficiently - with the help of Democrats and Republicans (and prosecutors) and the media being drug along - the means by which we haul these miscreants out of office will be manifest.

Keep pressure on Democratic politicians and, especially, the press to speak the truth of Republican corruption. Make the people see exactly who the Republicans are and what they've been doing. Prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

When that happens, impeachment will look too good for them. The felons in the Republican congress, the war criminals in the Republican administration (and vice versa). Those who aren't in prison will be thrown from office, their party's ideology destroyed, it's influence dead.

Impeachment? Pish-tosh. A flaming wooden stake in the heart of the Republican movement.

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