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May 16, 2006


I think she spinning tales of Libbyan remorse.


Though she may just be resorting to WMD porn because that's what she knows best. I can see the conversation:

Qadaffi: Judy Judy Judy. I hear you've fallen on hard times.

Judy: Oh, Moammar, you don't know the half of it. My old aspens friends have all abandoned me. They're even calling me unreliable. Isn't there some WMD porn you can thrown my way.

Qadaffi: Haven't you heard? We're out of the business. Hmmm. Well, I can do this. I'll tell my people to give you an exclusive on all the WMD porn we used to have. Would that help?

Judy: Thanks, Moammar. I really need the help.

Ahmed will be jealous.

Looks like it's time for Judy to update her myspace page. She needs to add another friend.


since when did we put recovering crack heads in charge of sorting the crack ???

do AA members offer to restock the beer case in some parallel universe that I can't see

If I rob a bank, do that qualify me to be a bank teller (cuz I got a ski mask, and I really need a job)

Judy wants to write about WMDs ???

lets start with a comprehensive review of what judy's already written

and while we're at it, let judy explain why she cooperated with scooter's criminal plan to hide the source of the Plame leak

sorry judy, no points this round

try getting into a barber college or clown college, cuz you need a new gig (insert prefered obscene prejorative here)

If she must publish, it's just that it's under the auspices of the Wall Street Journal Editoral Page, whose track record on the CIA leak scandal has been so abysmal. Who can forget what they wrote on July 13th, 2005, praising Karl Rove as a "whistleblower," in the wake of the revelation that Karl Rove had leaked to Matt Cooper (and after the White House had been lying about Rove's role for nearly two years)? "He told the truth about Wilson." Just not to the FBI and grand jury.

Loyal as ever to Cheney, Bush, Rove, and the cabal, it's little wonder the WSJ Editorial Board is now plotting Judy's rehabilitation.

The discussion has run on similar themes over at European Tribune. (also at Booman's) No that she is totally discredited as a journalist, everybody she knows she now works as a PR flak - but for who? someone who likes to think s/he speaks for the White House?

Or is it a hint that the WH will go for a diplomatic solution with Iran?

Poor Judy's trying to make a comeback. Like Jerome, I'm wondering who she's working for now. She has so little credibility that it's hard to take her seriously; but obviously someone out there is setting her up to write these articles. It's curious.

why exactly would anyone care what she writes if what she writes is a lie?
analyze it for the truth? self abuse is more rewarding. probably more productive by comparison

Well, I don't think she's working for whatever faction just made peace with Libya (probably Condi's). I thought for the moment she might be working for the Brits, but given how little credit she gives them for the deal, that can't be right. Maybe the Fracis Fukuyama "I'm Not a Neocon" Neocon branch?

The benefit of Judy's WMD porn to the junta is pretty obvious to me -- it claims that Dubya's otherwise disastrous adventure in Iraq had a silver lining after all.

When Mrs. Miller appears with her magic pen it is like preparation for the War Lullaby. Does she hope to put us to sleep again in preparation for Iran?


Are you ever going to love part 2 of Miller's piece in today's WSJ. It's got Bolton, it's got Joseph, Curt Weldon even makes a cameo. And it's got a completely nonsensical explanation for why the Bush administration told everybody - including Congress - so late in the game about Libya's removal from the terrorist list. It was all about the Dubai ports furor. No kidding.

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