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May 29, 2006


Great stuff EP.

grilled sole, roasted slowly over a fire of 300 weenies

HA. That actually sounds like a modern, overwrought, gourmet-but-downhome-because-we're-not-snobs dish you might see on a menu at a restaurant in a Lifestyle Center.

What jonnybutter said, EP, thanks.
Reading your post really fired up my appetite

you think you got it rough ???

due to intestinal problems, my mother can't eat onions, garlic, and bell peppers

I was 14 before I learned you could put onions in food before you cook it

I've managed to overcome my garlic disfunction, buit I may never master the art of cooking with bell peppers

I'd tell you more, but I just heard of this wonderful thing called curry ...

btw, my test subjects say that any claims of cruelty to dogs are unwarrented (the dogs have never complained about my cooking)

Imagine my grief as a child whose parents didn't want to grill ever. Everyone else in the neighborhood would be out grilling and we'd be inside eating, like, veal stew, or curry. Not what you want as a kid. The neighbors ultimately started taking pity on me and having me to their barbecues.

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