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May 16, 2006


"if Republicans are successful in turning the election into a choice between the two parties"

Now they've really stepped over the line.

Looking at the SUSA poll for CT, Bush's approval/disapproval among Democrats is 12/88 and 68/28 among Independents.

Are there enough Republicans in CT to turn out for the Dem primary and sway things?

Registered Voters in CT:

671,656 D (34.2%)
449,727 R (22.9%)
844,433 unaffiliated and minor parties (43.0%)

source: Almanac of American Politics 2006

..and that's 68/28 disapprove/approve among Independents and 40/60 with Rs.

thanks fo rthe poll numbers, DemfromCT. The Lieberman race has a weird dynamic. I have friends who are quite liberal Democrats that are supporting Joe b/c he's strong for Israel. The only issue they agree with him on is Israel and for them that's enough. They're busily raising money for him in California and NYC.

Bush is very bad to become USA president history.

Example of the silliness Dem mentions:
The poll offers two cautions for the Democrats, however. One is a growing disaffection with incumbents generally. When asked whether they were inclined to reelect their current representative to Congress or look around for someone new, 55 percent said they were open to someone else, the highest since just before Republicans captured control of Congress in 1994. That suggests that some Democratic incumbents could feel the voters' wrath, although as the party in power Republicans have more at risk.

Yeah, nobody knows what party is in control, so they'll vote against all incumbents like in 1994, when Republican House, Senate and gubernatorial incumbents who lost elections included...um...gimme a minute here...oh, that's right, not a single Republican incumbent lost.

Redstate defends slavery!:

"Unlike the Bush administration, the poll numbers don't lie."
Love your final comment!

How true.

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