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May 13, 2006


New Newsweek poll has more bad news for Bush, and proves that Morin's poll on the NSA spying was a bit premature, to say the least. Seems 57% think Bush/Cheney have arrogated too much power to themsleves while 38% do not. Since "no" would be the default answer here, this is pretty significant.

And of course, Billmon has some wise words on the concept of rights vs polling

Do you really think a wave of pragmatism has suddenly swept through the offices of Republican state electeds in FL and elsewhere? The answer must be something else. Probably fear?

fear leads to pragmatism. it doesn't make R legislators angels, mind you, but maybe it makes things work a tad better in the short term.

I just discovered the Next Hurrah tonight and I'm very impressed by the postings I've read. Is there any way I can get you to take a look at my site and if you're interested do a review of my political novel? http://www.raisethebar.com

I was so frustrated that no one was connecting all the dots that I wrote a novel where the Republican agenda is executed in its entirety. My hero is a nice Republican lawyer who has a great life. Then stuff happens to him. He loses everything and has to see what the policies are like from the other side.

I self-published because it was the ONLY way I could get the book to market in time for the election. People who read it get very energized by it. I encourage them to share it with loved ones who are more conservative and then invite them to have a conversation. It's actually working and their Republican friends are starting to admit to them that they can see problems with the Bush/Rove/Cheney crowd.

I need to move beyond the circles of people I know. It's really a good book (short, reads like a thriller) and I could use the help, please.

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