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May 08, 2006


...and for what it's worth, I don't really buy the line that we invaded Iraq to feed our country's oil addiction. We invaded because this administration is heavily invested, personally, in the energy industry. If they were invested in the cheap plastic shit industry I think we'd have invaded China. If they were invested in the fermented herring industry I think we'd have invaded the Swedes. They happened to be invested in oil.

and if they had been invested in the broccoli and sprouts industry they would have invaded Brussels.

I *love* Vonnegut. Crusty is the new black.

I can think of no other time in my fifty-odd years that was more full of wampeters, foma and grand faloons!!!

I adore Kurt Vonnegut. Along with Debs and Dreiser, he redeems at least some of my Hoosier birth-state's sordid history.

When an interviewer asked him before the war if he had any good ideas for a scary reality show, he answered, "C students from Yale. It would stand your hair on end."

Thanks for the post, EP. I liked your introduction more than the excerpts themselves.


You just sold another book for Kurt Vonnegut.

Much better a train ride with Vonnegut than a gravytrain of purl jam, jackson browne and the dinosaur/deadmen all-stars.

Nice work.

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