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April 01, 2006


Interesting last para in this WaPo piece on staff changes

Bush's options for turning things around, though, are limited, advisers say. The White House is trying to repackage the president by having him focus extensively on Iraq while taking more questions from the public, lawmakers and media to reverse growing public doubts about his trustworthiness. And aides said Bush has vowed to focus heavily on the 2006 elections, raising more money than ever for GOP candidates on the theory that victory in November would breathe new life into his presidency.

Makes sense, as the only thing these folks know how to do is elections in red states.

Oh, and the TIME poll cited above confirms that Republican conservatives continue to be incredibly politically tone deaf.

From the European CDC:

Global Situation: Between the end of 2003 and 24th March 2006, 186 laboratory confirmed cases and 105 deaths worldwide have been reported by WHO. Forty-two cases and 29 deaths have been reported in 2006; these cases have come from six countries: China (8), Indonesia (12), Cambodia (1) Iraq (2), Turkey (12) and Azerbaijan (7). There were 95 cases (41 deaths) in 2005 compared to 46 cases (32 deaths) in 2004. The overall cases have come from eight countries: Azerbaijan (7), Cambodia (5), China (16), Indonesia (29), Iraq (2), Thailand (22), Turkey (12) and Viet Nam (93). Map – Note: WHO reports only what it considers laboratory confirmed cases.

Also note there are cases in Egypt and Jordan not included. Turkey says there were twice as many cases as WHO says there were. And the surveillance in areas of Africa Asia and China remains poor.

The Bush gang may think that he will gain something by being out there and seeming to answer more questions. But people are now prepared to exercise their reasoning minds and see that he doesn't answer questions. He uses the propounded questions to launch a stream of talk that has to do with what he wants to say, not what the questioner has asked. It's called setting up a straw man and knocking it down. Or bait and switch. People are starting to notice the ruse.

I wouldn't read too much into the flu thing in Egypt.

They get a plague there every year, about this time, and should count themselves lucky it's just one.

Vote Green nOt Blue
NOT crazy little Howie Scream
and the other Vichy Dems

Kagro X

You're right. They said that a few years back, but by the time they got to 10, they started to take it seriously.

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