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April 17, 2006


I don't know about other states, but our former State Commissioner of health (now at the University) Dr. Michael Osterholm keeps making sure that the current legislature reconfirms the right of Health Commissioners to take over any Hotel or Motel in the state in a time of epidemic, and he keeps reviewing plans for making the necessary conversions, adding equiptment, staffing, etc, etc. In contrast with 1918, for instance, he found that no hospital, motel, hotel -- does its own laundry these days -- thus he also believes states need the power to commendere all linens in a state in department stores, wallmats, trargets and the like. Studies of providing flu appropriate food, for instance, would exhaust the state's supply in about ten days, which is far too short for an epidemic that might last four months at least. Getting the state to stockpile the basics -- chicken soup base, canned chicken, noodles and rice -- and some sort of crackers apparently is something no one wants to contemplate. But at least we have someone publicly trusted who is regularly on TV and Radio talking about the specifics in a way suggesting the outlines of a plan are in place. And no -- he still has not resolved the resperator matter. But it is important to have someone putting pressure on the State Legislature for resources and the constant confirmation of Public Health Powers.

If some D needs a campaign issue, spending the dough to rebuild the public health system would be one thing to consider.

Paul Lyon, that is certainly so. Health care trumps immigration, Iraq trumps them all.

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