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April 09, 2006


Am I missing something? Are there a bunch of Palestinians in Iraq that I am unaware of?


I was surprised too actually. From the Times:

The Palestinian community was once a pet cause of Saddam Hussein, who granted its members special treatment. But now, its members say, they are suffering the backlash of that favoritism, and are singled out for being Sunni Arabs.


The United Nations estimates that 34,000 Palestinians live in Iraq, and many were born in the country. They were given safe harbor during successive regional crises, beginning with the Arab-Israeli war of 1948.


With the fall of Mr. Hussein, many Palestinians were driven from their homes by property owners whose houses had been appropriated by Mr. Hussein. Others came under attack by resentful Iraqis.


''Now any Palestinian, whether a child or an adult, thinks of himself as a target,'' said Ali Hussein, 66, a resident of an housing complex for poor Palestinians in Baladiyat, in eastern Baghdad.

Much more at the link (or email me if you're interested).

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you're givin' em hell with this one.

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Interesting. Thanks for the answer.

Interesting. Thanks for the answer.

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