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April 20, 2006


Full disclosure: The McMansion depicted is one of the bigger houses from the housing development in Douglas County, CO my mother lives in. Suffice it to say she's using an even greater share of someone else's resources than I am.

Progress this year: last year I used over 4 planets -- now I'm down to 3.7. The reason is simple, I drive less when working from home. Still this is insane.

Congrats, janinsanfran.

And to think that San Fran is probably one of the cities where someone living a middle class life can get their footprint down lowest (low climate-related costs, the ability to eat totally locally, and great public transport).

I'm down to 17 acres, 3.9 planets, but that's because I drive very little <5000 miles a year) and eat mostly local, unprocessed food (and grow about half of our vegetables). But the Bay Area is good for that. This year has been very colkd and wet, though, so heating costs in our drafty, 100 year old house were up.

I keep hoing that as consciousness about global warming goes up, people will begin to pull together and demand action. It's just so hard with the Bushies on the other side. But they are going down.

16 acres, only because I don't fly, don't eat meat and live in a tiny, tiny house. Unfortunately, I use a lot of gasoline.


Do you live someplace mild, too? I tried to see how low I could get it for someone who lives in my town (using two vegan, apartment dwelling, bike commuting friends), and I still couldn't bring it that low.

Though they do fly, some.

Maybe I worry too much; things have a habit of turning our ok, don’t they?

I live in hot: west coast of central Florida. My commute to work is 25 miles each way which accounts for the gas consumption. I would love to reduce it but moving is out of the question.

7 acres, 1 1/2 planets; but it is hard fitting a 300 acre ranch in that quiz. I picture alternative energy inspired knowledge workers pedaling in sandals to the neighborhood garden. Sounds bucolic. Actually, if I answered some questions truthfully, the survey would award me a prize and email me a request to start using more acreage, or at least to write a treatise for the burgeoning burgeoisie to read. Nah, we are all part of the coinage of our earth times. Happy Earth Day.
John L.


this is a really good post.


we are up on the see-saw

and the developing world is down.

like you,

i feel it is uncomfortable and unwise to be in that position a long time.

maybe the trade deficit or the federal deficit will bring us more into "equilibrium" with others.

thank you.


i'm off to do my calculation. i wonder if i'll get any credit in environmental heaven for living in and remodeling old houses all my life.

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