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April 11, 2006


Sanity, MB? PNACers are true believers and this kind of bullshit doesn't answer to reality or science.

it's not about Iran

it's about george

37% JAR ???

oh yeah, Iran's ass is grass

"It's amazing that, when we're in a bilateral position or negotiating one-on-one, somehow the world ends up turning the tables on us. And I'm not going to put my country in that position," he said.

Ah, the Scooby Doo villains' lament: and it would've worked, too, if it hadn't been for that meddling world.

With so many American troops (to say nothing of Musliim countries whose hearts and minds we are trying to win) located downwind of a nuclear attack, our refusal to take this option off the table is insane and constitutes depraved indifference to human life.

I was fairly sure that Saddam was bluffing, but I saw as we got closer to war that Bush had painted himself into a corner where he would appear weak and irresolute if he didn't attack, and here they doing the same damn thing again. I'd say "making the same mistake" except that, as MB pointed out once, a deliberate attack can't fairly be characterized as a "mistake". Truly, this is lunacy.

This country has already used nukes once in my lifetime and I surely don't want to see it done again. As I posted yesterday, there is ample evidence the public will support a stance that combines serious, coordinated diplomatic efforts and a drive towards greater energy independence as an alternative to war, but it also has to be coupled with more discussion of the consequences of war. Thanks for your contribution to this effort, MB.

We all know the high esteem that Bush affords to science, so I doubt that any facts about fallout would actually stop him.

And, it's not about George. It's about Israel.

What's frightening is that people who should be stopping the war-monger from even considering taking military action against Iran still cling to the belief he is rational. What's to stop him from taking preemptive action before anyone knows except his lunatic circle? Iraq is proof they do not think one step beyond "shock and awe." Rumsfeld and his bud Pace were snowing the media this morning with Rummy's talk on how they consider every possibility in their planning which we should all know by now is a huge, huge lie. The military brass who will resign/retire if the option they oppose is not taken off the table will be replaced by the slavish Paces. Tell me again why a coup is more dangerous than a cuckoo.

…so I was just whimsically trying to come up with a “secret signal” that the U.S. could send to Iran, and decided on maybe a White House musical performance (remember when Presidents used to have those?) featuring Strayhorn&Ellington's lovely “Isfahan*”, with additional aleatoric percussion effects. Easily within the subtlety range of a typical Iranian foreign service officer, I figured.

So imagine me clinging to my oatmeal for dear life when I read down to the PSR simulations. Insanity and evil wrestle to a draw here. And it seems, as it has for some time actually, as if there's a lot of fervent hoping somewhere that Constitutional means, or means that are protected by the Constitution, can be brought to bear before it might become necessary to do something else. I hope we can get our act together.

*Excerpt of a nice version here, under Tracks.

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