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March 24, 2006


Great job!

At least in the Nixon Administration they didn't subcontract the choosing of enemies for IRS audit to the private sector.

Not to say you're a bit late (all news is good news with stuff like this), but TPMuckraker did this last week, and pointed out that - just like in the case of the "complaint" against Texans for Public Justice - this IRS complaint was supposed to go through a "committee" of senior IRS managers to insure the complaint was not "political." According to GreenPeace, when they got all the files on this case through a FOIA request, there was no record of such a meeting - just like there was no record in the TPJ case.

Please continue to believe "The IRS is a non-partisan organization, and all the bad old things they used to do were straightened out 30 years ago." And if you do believe that, please come out to the Santa Monica pier at dawn tomorrow, stare out to the west and watch the sun rise over the Pacific.

These scum have been used to roust dissidents for as long as the organization has existed. I myself was one of their targets in 1971-73 for the "crime" of being against the war in Vietnam and the last Major Crook to occupy the White House.

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