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March 28, 2006


"A shake-up in the midst of plummeting poll numbers with a loyalist is a step backwards, and not what Republicans were looking for. Back to you, Brian."

I've got a feeling that Andy Card's resignation has something to do with the Plame outing scandal. He certainly was in all the right places to have done something wrong: Founder of the White House Iraq Group; on Air Force One in the July 2003 trip to Africa; warned by Abu Gonzalez 12 hours before White House staff was told to preserve documents in the case.

"it was Mr. Card who took the blame for the slowness of the White House staff's response to Hurricane Katrina and to criticism of the Dubai ports deal."

Nice try. Has this ever been mentioned before, or is this just a particularly blatant attempt at scapegoating? ("Oh, that was all Andy Card's fault, and no, we didn't exactly fire him, but he did resign in good standing months later, which is almost the same thing, right?")

speaking of weakness, JMM found this:

Senator John McCain to Address Liberty Commencement Ceremony

Straight-talking jive bullshit. McCain is going to lose his constituency through pandering.

Hello McFly...

Anybody see Abu Gonzales introduce Bush before his immigration speech the other day? Wowzers.

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