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March 08, 2006


The ports issue is a big political deal for the GOP, a major wedge issue, and the Dems know it. Here's Dubai's position:

"DP World officials suggested yesterday that within days, Peninsular & Oriental's operations will belong to them, no matter what Congress does."

It is bad enough when George Bush tells you your opinions as a supposedly co-equal branch of government don't matter, but when the Emirate of Dubai says it, it has to sting just a bit.

Are you suggesting that DP World ought to somehow cancel this enormous and (to them) very important acquisition, mimikatz? If so, why? Congress is not a co-equal branch of government to them.

"No Preference," I guess I missed your point. I thought Mimi's comment simply illustrated how far the eunuch caucus, I mean U.S. Congress, has slipped.

Yes. That was my point.

The legislation under contemplation restricts foreign ownership of certain US assets. That may be subject to review by the WTO, like some environmental regulations. And Senator Schumer suggests this is a ploy, and Congress is really working with the WH. We'll see.

There is a solution to this failure: Abused power may be lawfully revoked at a Constitutional Convention. [ Click ]

The 603 effort is spreading into Michigan: [ Click ] Thank you for your outstanding support, The Next Hurrah: [ Successes and some who are making this happen. ]

"The strong disapproval rating is the highest Gallup has measured for Bush by a percentage point, and is the highest for any president since Richard Nixon during the Watergate era."

Wow. That's interesting.

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