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March 02, 2006


Since the Republican personality deals in fears, I say that the Republican Congressional delegation finally realizes by early autumn that their only potential salvation is impeaching Cheney and Dubya. Sufficient justification already exists. They need to do it break the momentum against them and show them as independent actors. Besides, they need to do it before the Democrats do it for them in 2007. To their ears, President Hastert sounds much better than President Pelosi.

Prime Minister Singh also thinks Bush is a loser for skipping the Taj Mahal:

As the leaders toasted each other and their nation's ties Thursday before lunch alongside several hundred guests, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh briefly paused and addressed Bush's wife, Laura.

''I am truly sorry the president is not taking you to Taj Mahal this time,'' Singh said. ''I hope he will be more chivalrous next time you are here.''

Sounds like a really clever way to get a barb in at your guest.

He really isn't interested, 'pockets. He wants to ride his bike. A little discussion of narcissistic personality disorder would be appropriate.

The WH says the video proves he was fully engaged, unlike the ports deal.

Um, and how do we know that there won't be a tape or transcript later of Bush saying, "Yeah, they're good guys, friends of [name of bigbusiness donor here]. No problem. Slam dunk."

The Taj Mahal isn't just a beautiful building, it is one of the great romantic buildings in the world. It was built by Shah Jahan as a tomb for his beloved wife Mumtaz who died giving birth to something like their 15th child. What you don't realize at all from the pictures is that it is inlaid with black marble verses from the Koran and semi-precious stones all around the doorways. It is thus a testament to love and piety. That is the background to the Prime Minister's statement.

It was also an extravagance. Shah Jahan planned to make his own tomb on the other side of the river as a mirror image--black marble inlaid with Koranic verses in white. At that point his son had him imprisoned in the Red Fort at Delhi partly out of ambition but also to save the kingdom from bankruptcy. At least this is what I was told when I visited it.

I think the Katrina tapes are so devastating to Bush because of the difference between a terrorist attack and a natural disaster. Katrina was forseeable and foreseen, even planned for. And yet not only did they botch the response, they lied about it.

In a terror attack people's anger is directed toward the perpetrators and anyone ancillary to whom the anger can be directed. But Mother Nature is different. People know there is no real point getting mad at Mother Nature (or God, depending on ypur preference) and so the anger gets directed at the gov't. And precisely because it was foreseeable, they cut no slack as might have happened with another terrorist attack.

I think after this we will be seeing Bush break 30% approval. Certainly 25-27% favorable.

Posted today on dailyKos, a brief and somewhat cryptic update on developments re The American Prospect's "Dem's Don't Know Jack".

Interesting that Theda Skocpol is now dean of graduate arts and sciences at Harvard. She was denied tenure even after publishing a classic in modern sociology: States and Social Revolutions. Skocpol had to repair to Chicago while she sued Harvard for sex discrimination, eventually forcing the University to give her tenure.

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