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March 08, 2006


I am impatiently awaiting the emergence of a great LEADER who will oversee the banishment of every single fascist Republican swine who, with endlessly repeated lies and propaganda and needless deaths of thousands, has stained the honor of America.

Weston La Barre in 1970 said in "The Ghost Dance" that charismatic leaders are those who come to resolve acute stress situations in the culture.

"A society's culture is a set of defense mechanisms, both technological and psychological. If technical means fail to protect the people against anxiety and stress, then psychological means must be fabricated to maintain homeostatis [or balance]."

In other words, right now America is in deep shit. The fascist swine are destroying the country, and we sit helplessly in numbed shock. Some of us write hysterical posts to liberal blogs. Some of us call our congressmen, or join email or fax campaigns.

But what we need the most is to find a true leader. Who is he?

Or she?

John Palcewski

Actually MB, I have two solutions. One is for a fairly significant gaggle of liberal - pro-choice folk to move to South Dakota and vote. There are only about 600 plus thousand folk in SD, and it is already a little under a half liberal, though the liberals are concentrated in several semi-urban areas. We need to found "places" with businesses and schools and all -- and move about 200 thousand excess Liberals out of New York and to the great plains of South Dakota. (We would get two Senate Seats in addition to the majority in the State Leg.). Housing is cheap -- you can get a ten room victorian for about 70 thousand in many towns. The state has deployed broadband nearly everywhere, and virtually all the voting pop is about ten years older than the national average. 200 thousand liberal colonizers could make it the next Vermont.

Ny second suggestion will get all sorts of fire from Civil Libertarians -- but I would suggest creating a PRIVATE data bank of American Males DNA. This could be done by means of swabing coffee cups in executive offices, as well as elsewhere. Children born without a listed father should then be able to have their DNA run against the Data Bank -- and a couple of dozen major suits for support with lots of publicity ought to change a few minds. I am not so interested in nailing some cute but pennyless High School guy -- but I am interested in including men in the universe that has to accept the consequences of not being careful, and not having access to birth control, because in the end, that is what they want to abort.

Since the 1970's the Reproductive Rights Majority has fought on a narrow front -- protect the majority on the court, and eventually those ninnies will go away. Not going to happen. It has to be a broad front now -- not only elective politics but tough advocacy on all sorts of fronts. Among other things that means demands that inconvenient children not be consigned to poverty.

MB - great post, holy witness. Thank you for articulating, what those of us too angry to trust ourselves to speak, wish to say.

My plan is to get together some other Texas women old enough to remember coat hanger days, and start an underground railroad/babysitting group to get our women to someplace safe, like California, for therapeutic abortions, keeping their kids while they go.

Nothing to add, really. Terrific post.

Great, great post, MB.

Abortion is secure in Califonria because of a constitutional amendment passed in the '70s that guarantees a right of privacy. This may be the time to try similar amendments in other states because of concerns about identity theft and government spying.

Planned Parenthood is an important provider of reproductive health services, and contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible. Because of their general parochialism and ineptness in the current climate, I no longer give any (non-deductible) money to advocacy groups of any kind except the ACLU--only to candidates themselves.

One more thing--I know people like to recall the coat-hanger and knitting-needle days for dramatic effect, but I would hate to suggest those as actual methods to a new generation of desperate women. There are chemical alternatives such as off-label pharmaceuticals and herbal methods available in shops catering to various ethnic groups and through doctors.

Wow, MB, is there any major fight for freedom in the past forty years you haven't been a part of? I'm in awe.

I'm wondering if we could organize a way for masses of us to obtain small quantities of RU-486. Here's my experience -- my wife has a condition that causes chronic pain, which our medical system is really stupid about. (She's had at least one doctor get threatened by the DEA for prescribing the amount of painkillers she actually needs.) Tylenol-2 (has a small amount of codeine, less than Tylenol-3) does the trick for her, and it's over-the-counter in Canada and Europe, so we get supplied by friends who are traveling to or from those places and get us "personal use" quantities.

I suspect RU-486 is still prescription-only in most places, but if there's anywhere it isn't (or effectively isn't), a large number of people obtaining small quantities could conceivably fly under the radar.

Great post MB and great qualifier Mimi. I think identifying quality alternatives is critical right now and I think Mimi's concerns are valid. South Dakota has two (2)? Sioux Reservations, (Pine Ridge and Rosebud)? Could a physician licensed to practice on the "res" perform the procedures in question "on the Res" without losing his/her license to practice in SD? If not, can Planned Parenthood and NARAL offer women a ride out of SD for such a procedure? Will the major insurance carriers in SD cover a procedure for the "insured" if performed out of State? IMO these are the kind of practical, "on the ground," answers PP and NARAL can start providing in press releases. It conveys the message that we are not simply "taking it."

South Dakota has two (2)? Sioux Reservations, (Pine Ridge and Rosebud)? Could a physician licensed to practice on the "res" perform the procedures in question "on the Res" without losing his/her license to practice in SD?

First off, SD has about 6 or more reservations. Second, you did not used to need a specific state license to practice on a Federal indian reservation if you work for the federal Indian health service, only a license in some state. Maybe that has changed, but I doubt it! That being said, allowed medical services in a federal service will likely reflect the primary views of the admiinstration in power at the time!

Thanks ng, according to this site, http://www.kstrom.net/isk/maps/dakotas/sd.html SD has eight (8) reservations. I suspect insurer's such as Blue Cross would not pay for services provided on a reservation and I suspect those services are pretty tightly restricted to tribal members, only.

"Abortion is secure in Califonria because of a constitutional amendment passed in the '70s that guarantees a right of privacy."

Well actually it's not secure. I live in way Northern California. The only clinic we have is the only provider for 70 mile radius. Fire bombed four times, picketed regularly. That stopped in the middle of the Clinton Adminstration.

But there are so many barriers beyond that. Transportation to the community and then in the city where the clinic is. Having a sonogram before the proceedure when the only place that has a sonogram machine is a Catholic Hospital. Getting emergency Medi-cal coverage for minors, even getting a pregnancy test without every one in the community knowing about it.

What we saw in No. Cal during the 80"s and early 90's is what going to be happening in South dakota and any other state that bans abortions. Rich folks will be able to go else where. Teenagers and poor women will be faced with an incredible task of arranging transporation to another state along with getting the verified test and sonogram to say nothing of getting the money together.

What we did here was put together a packet listing all the paper work necessary to get an abortion, the steps necessary to get financial help, the places you can go, the cost of the proceedure, a map of how to get there, including bus schedules, and people you can call to arrange a ride. We handed them out to sympathetic nurses, who would give them discreetly to women who needed that kind of help. It's time to gear up for that kind of help again, I'm sorry to say.

It is hard to accept that this is a battle that still needs to be fought each and every day, that we have not come to a point that we can leave it in the hands of those most intimately involved in the choices that must be made but it is still out there and must be dealt with by those who believe in it.
To that end, I offer this. Do not Move to places that are becoming repressive and are legislating bigotry. Move Away from these places, take your tax base and go. If women moved their families to places where they feel more welcomed then they will be happier and their children will be happier. Write a letter to every elected official that you can think of and tell them why their demographics are moving away from young and fertile to old and retired. Let the newspapers know that you would rather sell your home at a loss than to stay one more day in a place that treats your intellect so poorly. Tell them that you loved growing up here, would have loved seeing your children do the same and have their children follow after but sayonara and good night! It is a kinda Lysistrata move but the fact is that it just might work.
Of course, in a mood of full disclosure, I am an American woman living in Canada.

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