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March 16, 2006


The presidental comparison continues. He's not Reagan. He's not Clinton. He's the worst of Nixon (partisan law-breaker) Reagan (out of touch) and Carter (not up to the job) combined.

He's doing a heck of a job.

IMHO it is due to the combination of Iraq, where he and his Admin seem so hopelessly out of touch, plus economic facotrs. On CNBC this am they were puzzled why the Pres doesn;t get more credit for the wonderful economy. As I have observed before, we have a two-tier economy to a degree unprecedented in my lifetime, where the top 5% is doing great, the stock market is reaching highs not seen since Spring 2001, and at the same time there are sky-high gas prices, low wage growth, fewer people in the work force (that is the cause of the supposed "low" unemployment figures) and more and more people just one serious illness from disaster.

was just looking at some of the state-by-state tracking graphs, from the surveyusa link in the post above. what's the flip-floppiness in texas? The other states near the top of the list that I looked at had smaller but noticeable versions of this cycle. Love him in August, hated him on October, loved him in January, hate him today. What is that?

censure poll:


o you favor or oppose the United States Senate passing a resolution censuring President George W. Bush for authorizing wiretaps of Americans within the United States without obtaining court orders?
3/15/06 Favor Oppose Undecided
All Adults 46% 44% 10%
Voters 48% 43% 9%
Republicans (33%) 29% 57% 14%
Democrats (37%) 70% 26% 4%
Independents (30%) 42% 47% 11%

'pockets... harriet miers and Dubai... base flips and flops.

Well, all that Utah shows is that my father was right long ago when he said the way to understand the Utah State Religion was to remove the second "m."

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