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March 31, 2006


Did you mean they plan to drill in the North Slope, or in ANWR? Obviously, there's already a ton of drilling at the North Slope.



The first little thing they could do to try to rebuild their cred would be to pay the bill for having paved the Alaska Marine Highway.

Cross-posted from FDL. (I made this point here a couple or three months ago). Now we learn from Murray Waas that Cheney ordered the leak.

I've been saying for over two years that it was far more likely that Cheney architected the Plame leak than Rove -- even though it is more delicious to imagine "Karl getting frog-marched in handcuffs."

Why? Very simple: You just had to watch his body language during the run-up to the war to see that he evidently believed he had the authority (given by God or Bush, I don't know which) to declassify anything that suited his purpose.

I think most of us got a bit side-tracked by Wilson's intemperate remark and by Rove being our favorite symbol of everything that's evil about the Bush administration. I hate Rove too but let's focus on truth, not truthiness.

The truth is probably this: Cheney is the fascist madman behind almost everything having to do with the GWoT and Iraq. He may also be the one feeding Bush's self-sense of being the Chosen One. Cheney is like the manipulative Cardinal Richelieu behind the King.

Bush is just a plain and simple dumbf**k.

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