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March 14, 2006


Some of our national treasury is going to pay off these so-called opposition leaders around the world to say things aligned with Bush's plan for global war. These are paid propagandists obviously. They have already tried to oust Chavez politically and it didn't work. Next Negroponte, the evil genuis of dark ops, will send a squad to do what they do best.

OT, can't click onto FireDogLake. Waaaaaa. Anyone else having problems?

Can't they at least get some new scritwriters?


I suspect they're switching over to the new cafepress site. There was a RH post over there this morning, but now it's gone.

Don't be fooled! This is Chavez's way of backing out of Citgo's discounted heating oil deal! He's going to send uranium to Iran, and in a couple of years, he hopes they'll nuke New England's LIHEAP recipients!

It's a devious plot. A devious, slow-developing plot.

Elizabeth Cheney, the Vice President's daughter (and mother of his four grandchildren), oversees an $85 million State Department program described by the New York Times as "a drive to bring Iranian scholars and students to America, blanket the country with radio and television broadcasts and support Iranian political dissidents."

The program received only $10 million last year. I could only wonder what was really going on when I heard Condoleezza Rice claim (falsely) on NPR a few weeks ago claim that it was "impossible" for students to play Mozart and Beethoven in some parts of Iran, and that the program could bring Iranian music students to New York or Los Angeles. $85 million buys a lot of piano lessons! But more to the point, Chalabis don't come cheap.


No, and I've read that Rummy used some of the INC's money to fund some of his black ops. Just launder it through the compliant exile group.

You forgot Fidel, ew. Chavez and Castro are compaƱeros. Venezuela sends yellowcake to Tehran, Tehran sends nuclear-tipped Shahab-3s to Havana.

Get. with. the. program.

Grandma J,

Looks like the new site is up at - and not linked yet to the old URL. Check it out everyone!

Link to Firedoglake

Also looks like the comments section at Firedoglake isn't refreshing properly - I'm guessing that's why there is no link from the old URL yet....

Thanks McGee, MimiKatz. McGee, when I use your link, I get,"This account has exceeded its CPU total."
Thanks for the post ew.

Thanks McGee, now that fdl link works for me.


Don't laugh. I'm reminded of the campaign they launched against Fulton Armstrong, not long before they ruined Plame's cover. Working all hemispheres, these folks are. Who says they can't warmonger in the Eastern Hemisphere and warmonger in the Western Hemisphere and still chew gum?


Everything old is new again. Instead of the old guns/rum-slaves-sugar triangle, we now have the doctors/oil-uranium-nukes triange.

Bush Administration:
"Now if we can only find a way to implicate the Democrats as well, then we're good for the elections."

With this crew in power, ew, I assume that even my snark may turn out to be true.

IRAN is the 2006 Mid-term elections narrative. Who knew that the Bush Administration was into recycling ;-)

"There is no website configured at this address is the message I get when I try to log onto FDL."


Here's a link to story by Juan Cole on your various Iran threads. All about all the various bogus pretexts for preventive war coming out of the Bush crowd.


Perhaps Rummie should just have a bunch of inmates taken out from Abu Ghraib and have them gunned down in a radio station in Basra and then have them found, complete with incriminating planted evience that they were working for the Al Quds Division of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.


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