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March 11, 2006


he has become so inured to outside criticism that he increasingly tunes it out.

How do you "increase" from 100% tuning out? Maybe he's gone from firing anyone who tells him something he doesn't like to letting them tell him and ignoring them? Seriously, I'm trying to imagine what these "sources" could be trying to say -- the impression I've always had is that he's never paid any attention to anyone who disagrees with him, except to get peeved at them. The only chance anyone has to influence his thinking is to get in before he's made up his mind.

"Even more stubborn" is about the only phrase in that section that seems to carry any meaning other than "he's acting the way he always has, but we're trying to make it sound like something new."

as bush's approval ratings drop to nearly the level "enjoyed," if i may use the word, by nixon, we are reminded that yes, there is indeed a good number of americans who will accept absolutely any crap that the president does under any circumstances. this is not surprising, of course: no nation is free from the temptations of authoritarianism, and i'd say that the world is, in many ways, a more complex place than it was in 1973-74, making those temptations ever more attractive.

but fortunately, we're not talking about a majority of americans here, and there are no circumstances i can imagine under which a majority ever again approves of bush.

I also think the Claude Allen affair is much more serious than I've seen acknowledged thus far.

While it's obvious many conservatives, including George Bush, had a serious error in judgement with respect to Claude Allen's character, there is a much more serious side to this that warrants further investigation.

It is highly unlikely that these are the first crimes committed by Allen. People who would participate in a theft like this from Target generally have character flaws that run deep and started long ago.

The question that needs to be asked and answered at this point is: What other crimes has Mr. Allen committed and did any crimes involve a misuse of his position either at Health and Human Services or in the Office of the President?

If this man would steal from Target, I suggest he would likely have no moral compunction to prevent him from stealing from the American taxpayer.


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