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March 15, 2006


Can agree with you just fine -- but everything founders on the fact that Dems, including my congresscritter, Ms. Pelosi, are completely cowed or prepared to be complicit in overthrowing our system of government. I think chickenshit is the more accurate diagnosis, but the result is the same. The constitutional republic is over, though the empty forms will totter on.

The obligations of citizens don't change though. Let's save what we can.

It seems to me that if there's going to be any legitimacy to a call to impeach multiple members of the Bush "administration" and replace them with the Speaker of the House, who just happens to be a Democrat, this party is going to have to be on record as supporting impeachment just as much when it wouldn't have put a Dem in the White House.

That's a very important point.

Well, it's going to be interesting for those who pay attention. We're essentially being promised a majority. So whose head do we get if we mortgage the Republic on it?

I'm usually patient with the leadership and their need to stay "reality based," but Pelosi's gambling with other people's money, if you know what I mean.

It's a shame that something so clear to all of us only would get the support of Russ Feingold and perhaps the Congressional Black Caucus. The scenarios you predict if we wait until we get a majority, KagroX, are hard to dispute.

This is depressing. I'm going to go do billable work.

If the democrats are so afraid to have impeachment as an issue in the midterms, then just reframe the issue in a broader scope of competence, credibility and law and order, which is a general pattern in each of the impeachable offenses that may claimed against Bush and perhaps viewed as politically safer for these very weak democrats who can't run fast enough from the Feingold resolution of censure.

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