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March 27, 2006


What would the Wizard of OZ be without Frances Gumm?

Oh, the places you'll go
There is fun to be done
There are points to be scored
There are games to be won

Actually, putting this together, you began to see real patterns of the peopel who used pseudonyms. African-Americans, in huge numbers. And immigrants or those with "jewish" names. I'm sure Henry Louis Gates would say there is a cultural reason for the common use of pseudonyms among African-Americans. But still, pseudonyms have, in many cases, served as great equalizers, a gateway to the American Dream.

Sometimes it's better not to know,/a>.


An excellent of example of how neither a real name nor a pseudonym should grant someone credibibility. You earn it. And so long as you have a stable personality--whether it's called by the same name as you've got on your birth certificate or not--that's the person you should be judged as.

Take Baby Ben. He sucked as Augustine and as Ben Domenech. Pretty consistent. Just like Joe Klein.

At least with a pseudonym you know what you're getting... real names, on the internet, are just worthless vouchers -- even a dolt like, say, "emptypockets" could fake one

Well, on the internet, nobody knows you're a dog.

I actually hate it when people use my real name.

jonnybutter, that's hysterical.

I mean, if you are jonnybutter.

I think you mean JNNBTTR.

ut oh. sorry. always was a blasphemer.

Great post but please change the link from Puff Daddy to something much better.

I'm with Edmund. The whole post is great, but please, not Puffy!


Done. And thanksf for the suggestion.

this is my real name.

I'm known by many names. Too bad you get it wrong most of the time, you Big Sillies. I don't know which irritates Me more: your calling me by the right name or the wrong one. Ha ha ha, just being my inscrutable, paradoxical Self.

BTW, I was the one to Make that little red flower smell sweet to you. Who's responsible for those factories in New Jersey? Figure it out yourself, suckas!

geez skippy, your parents did that to you ???

just tell us where your parents live. We'll get em for ya

btw, Freepatriot ??? not my real name

yo, emptywheel, off topic question:

whatch think of the "Rove Flipped" revelations ???

give us the scoop

Excellent post. While I think Garance Franke-Ruta has a legitimate point about disclosure, you're right that the problem of disclosure is nothing new and that her proposed solution is quite silly. Her policy of not responding to commenters who use pseudonyms, on the theory that she would not respond to letters to the editor that did not use real names, means she would not have responded to the Federalist Papers. And what if the U.S. had decided not to take those Papers seriously because, after all, the writers had an undisclosed conflict of interest having also been among the writers of the Constitution they were defending.

Not sure who I'd miss more, Publius or that Archie Leach fella - what's 'is real name?


Yeah, I did kind of slight Archie Leach, didn't I. I got a little distracted with the blonde bombshells and couldn't figure out how to work him in properly. The whole damn post ought to be rewritten with a little more respect and care, IMO!

I think Archie Leach turned out to be the best movie actor of all time - well, so far anyway.

You keep up the good work, and I don't mind if you leave a few bits for peekers and pokers like me to play with.

Yeah, I really hide well.

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