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March 04, 2006


thanks for this and many previous articles with much useful informaiton.

i'm glad someone in the web log world is educating us on this.

bird flue crossing to humans has the potential to be the greatest natural disaster since bubonic plague in europe and hemorragic virus in the americas.

the only other natural disaster that i can think of that might be in the same catergory of loss is an enormous volvanic explosion or a space collision.

but even if the greatest possible disaster that could happen with the new flu does NOT happen

the bird flu still has the potential to be extremely disruptive economically -

to poultry and egg farmers for sure, but also to airlines, tourist towns and their businesses, food importers and exporters, etc.,

and potentially disruptive to the freedom to travel within and without the united states without being interogated about your travel, having your travel plans recorded, or being delayed in your travel.

this problem of the potential spread of bird flu to humans is the single most important national secruity issue we face today.

far, far more important than the terrorist attacks,

far greater than the risk of nuclear accidents or dirty bombs.

the many skills of public health professionals will help us deal with the problem if it comes


basic scientific research and its application to this looming problem is all that will save us great loss -

and the "us" i'm speaking of in this case,

is all the nations and peoples of the world.

what really rotten luck for mankind, then,

that the most powerful and wealthiest of its nations has

george bush, dick cheney, and john bolton in their respective postions of power at this critical moment.

I read this morning that Bush has a plan to deal with bird flu -- bomb the Canary Islands, so I can sleep well tonight knowing we're in good hands.


and don't forget turkey.

i understand bush has placed turkey on his axis-of-allies list for destruction if circumstances warrant.

Bird flu and, long term, global warming.

Thanks again. Enjoy chicken while you can.

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