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March 15, 2006


Desperate indeed.

Laura Rozen has some nifty graphs from the new Pew poll, which has Bush down to 33% in their new poll.

Where's the bottom?

Shouldn't there be an automatic cut-off point? At 20%, you have to move out of the White House and into a motel?

Apparently Congress has become "desperate" -- they have appointed a commission to re-think Iraq, with James Baker and Lee Hamilton as co-chiars.

To entertain yourself, try replaying the last bit of Three-Penny Opera where it is debated how the play should end. Should the Deux ex Machine come riding in on a white steed and save Mac the Knife from the Hangman -- or will he be hung. Of course neither -- he is pardoned. But the music about the saving rider on the steed is filling my mind each time a new poll is announced.

But you know when they call on Jim Baker to come in and fix things -- the situation is blinking red light desperate.

The Dance of the Sugarplum Realists. Will Brent Scowcroft get called in, too, or is he still persona non grata at the White House?

nice post

as you all know, funny only in a horrible way

I have a buddy whose son is in Iraq

but I worry all most as much for everyone else involved

BagnewsNotes had a photo a few weeks or months ago of a little girl horrified next to the recently shot body of her father, a school security guard gunned down by someone for something. not sure who else saw the picture. But that picture, and others like it, should be on the front page every day.

people need to take ownership for their actions

we elected gwb knowing he would continue the war

we do NOT need to berate the public

but we have an obligation to keep it real. The job of the press is to make people understand their actions, and their choices for future actions, in specific, mundane terms

live shots of retired Army guys in the studio with pointers and spiffy maps does not satisfy the obligation

but, then, I'm preaching to the choir

good night

The ultimate irony would be to have him forced to move into a motel and then be told that FEMA won't pay for it (today was move-out day for a bunch of FEMA homeless).

Great post! Something such as this should be in every Dem candidate's hands.

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