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February 12, 2006


btw, prepping for bird flu is prepping for storms and power outages. Same mindset.

see also IHT.

Bothers me that the most recent cases of bird flu were identified in Italy and Greece -- and there's probably NO preventative measures being taken to reduce the chances of transporting the flu from Italy to here with the heavy influx of traffic due to the Olympics. A number of cases in China are believed to be traced to exposure to waterfowl droppings near bodies of water. Yet this week I watched The Today Show folks sculling on the Po River through Torino. The cases of bird flu in Italy were found in swans. Ugh.

No measures taken to prevent bird flu at Games from MSNBC.

Add slovenia.

The Flying Tomato won gold in the snowboard event.

here's the link to olympic gold.

As my husband told me, "Blabber!" I was about to look up the medals and saw the bird flu news.

In the downhill, we got zilch!

There were to be tags on the last comment specifying "Blabber".

I also wished to say that in La Repubblica the big sports headline is the Inter Milan-Juventus game. Evidently it is "storica".

The bronze-medal-winning skier, Piller-Cotrer, commented that he was cheering for Juventus today.

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