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February 02, 2006


I can't remember who I heard it from, but I think somebody was in the House in the 60's, and one of the real old-timers said that when he came to the Congress, each member had a safe near his seat on the floor. The old-timer said he asked one of the members what the safe was for, and he was told "for the cash you get from them guys outside the chamber looking for help on bills."

I guess Boehner can be considered a throwback to the good old days.

This is the funniest thing to happen in a long time. Even the normally supine All Things Considered mentioned it tonight. Horselaugh politics is what it is...and you can bet, the usual gloom & doomers will be lining up any moment to warn Democrats not to expose themselves to criticism by ridiculing Boehner's selection.

DH: Haven't they retired those safes? Didn't they eventually become too small for the job?

smintheus: it's all electronic now. they have credit card swipers at every desk.

Cool pseud, smintheus. Somebody's still reading the Iliad, thank God.

Actually I'm still writing the Iliad. It's just that the latest intalment has been stuck in production for years and years.

Geez. Just goes to confirm my theory that corruption reform is like missile defense: no matter how complex the protections, somebody will find a loophole. The term "lobbyist" came about because of the scandal of the Credit Mobilier people passing out $100 bills on the floor of Congress by railroad interests. Solution: have a Congressperson do it.

Nowadays they probably do a direct transfer into bank accounts. All the Congressman has to do is go to online banking to confirm the transfer.

ick.....I knew they wouldn't be changing anything substantive.

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