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February 05, 2006


An interesting Chris Matthews show (thanks to the guests, not to the Republican shill who hosts). matthews is enamored of Rudy, yet his guests voted 9-3 that the Bush Presidency was a failure and will be judged so in 2008. Interestingly, David Gregory was one of the 3 for success - based on Iraq working out.

Meanwhile on Meet The Tim, the Harwood-Brownstein duo took apart the republicans based on the current WSJ/NBC poll. If 2006 is a referendum on corruption and Iraq, good-bye majority. And the SOTU did not help Bush.

There, the interesting thing is a bare 52-47 majority in the poll on the NSA issue was presented (Tim tried to) as a 'win' for the President. Polls like this depend entirely as to how the question is asked. But the important thing is that a 50-50 poll is NOT a win for the President. He spent the whole SOTU suckung up to the 'non-partisan' in us all, after 5 years of DeLay-style redistricting. That's because he fails if he can't get beyond partisanship as far as domestic policy goes (see social security). His enablers in the press can't spin this, because he's so weak politically.

Watch Sen. Specter drop the ball today when he faces Gonzales's dog and pony show. I predict the Attorney General will blow a prodigious amount of smoke up Specter's arse and the rush will numb the poor guy's brain.

In addition to smoke Gonzales will go on full frontal attack, as per turd blossom's detailed instructions. He'll stun the committee with his OUTRAGE and SHOCK that anyone would question the Prezint's decisions on how to perteck americuns.

And watch what happens when the Democrats get their turns. Gonzales will turn up the heat. Another angry barrage. Which will turn them into whipped yellow dogs pissing the floor, bellies up, begging the Alpha Male to not take another bite out of their cowardly asses.

And at the end of the day, the repugs will resume their fascist agenda. Bidness as usual. NOTHING HAS HAPPENED at the hearing, and nothing will the next time they convene.


Because the Democrats, after six years, have not yet learned how to effectively deal with Karl Rove's fascist tactics. And I'm afraid this just how it is, and absolutely nothing is going to change...at least in MY lifetime.


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