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February 06, 2006


This is good. Progressives succeeded in implanting some desirable assumptions about the construction of legitimate use of power in the New Deal-Civil Rights era. The current Republican thugs are implanting their constructions to the benefit of their constituencies: the greedy and the theocrats.

From the populist side of things, restrictive constitutional regimes have come into question when the cost of maintaining them threatened the stability of the whole. That's a tall bar, but it something like it may be necessary.

Today's Sign From God(TM):

Newfane resolution seeks to impeach president
NEWFANE -- Among votes to approve the budget and education spending at Town Meeting, residents will wade into national waters and vote from the floor for the impeachment of President George W. Bush.

Selectboard member Dan DeWalt wrote the Town Meeting resolution and gathered enough signatures to get the question on to the ballot.

The vote for impeachment will be taken from the floor.

DeWalt said he was not going to bring any evidence to Newfane's meeting, claiming that the people of the town know enough about Bush's presidency to vote on the resolution.

If voters approve the resolution, DeWalt said he is going to ask U.S. Rep. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., to file the articles of impeachment to remove the president from office.

Hey, thanks, Newfane!

Jan's comment is interesting. The cost of maintaining this current set of constitutional understandings has both political and economic dimensions. Permanent war, permanent debt, permanent inequality. Less security as a nation and less personal economic security.

Some of this is traceable to the incompetence of the avatars of the current constitutional arrangement, but some is inherent in their philosophy. One question is whether that ever penetrates, given the entrenched interests who have a stake in preventing just that.

Ah Newfane! I was responsible for getting out the vote there in 1970 for a Democrat. I think we may have been beaten by Bernie Sanders who was running as an independent. Glad to know they are still feisty.

The project for organizers seems to me to increase the awareness of the permanent costs Mimikatz enumerates among those who have some force to bring to bear against these arrangements (as well as to amplify the voices of those who suffer the costs more directly.)

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