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February 12, 2006


Remember this is the report of the House investigation that the Dems refuysed to take part in, except Jefferson and Melancon, because it was their districts. That makes it even more damning.

It may be that House members are finally realizing that "there but for the grace of God" goes their district. Nothing makes them turn on incompetence as much as seeing that it might happen to their constituents, or is happening to them. (See Medicare Part D.)

It does seem that Chertoff is being set up to take the next fall, now that Brownie has talked and the report is coming out.

Interesting also that Tom Davis (R-Va) chaired the committee. He must have looked at the returns from the recent election in his CD.

Chertoff doesn't need to be 'set up'. He's every bit as bad as Brown, and has earned whatever happens to him.

I agree about Chertoff, and have been raising this point for days. He is as incompetent at heading DHS as any of them, however skilled a prosecutor he may have been. I just meant that the arrows are beginning to point at him. It makes me almost sympathetic towards Brownie, since incompetent as he was, he obviously knew more than Chertoff about disasters. This post is really good at connecting the dots, as they say.


You and I disagree. It wasn't Ghertoff's incompentence.

It was a gwb/Rove choice.

They didn't want the Feds to be the lead.

They had an idea that private charity could do the job, and New Orleans was going to be their laboratory.

I suspect Brown has held back on his conversations with the President and his staff in essence to see what is done with information he has already laid on the table. I think it key that he has said there were 30 conversations with Bush or his staff at Crawford before the storm hit -- but he has yet to state the contents. Perhaps we should call it Brownie Mail -- if Bush goes along with rebuilding FEMA as it existed when he took over -- fine. If not, the Brownie Mail goes to the Press.

I agree that Bush and Rove have some quaint ideas as to what can and should be done by church volunteers -- but I would make aqnother point. One reason the Convention Center and the Superdome did not have food, water, and other assistance was because the Red Cross had reviewed the plans for using these as shelters of last resort, and refused to be involved because all the agencies up and down the hierarchy refused to plan to Red Cross minimum standards. Red Cross can be critiqued on lots of scores -- but they do know what it means to be set up to be fall guy, and they avoided that by refusing to agree to less than minimum standards.

Chertoff appears before the Senate Committee on Tuesday this week, should be interesting. Apparently the House Committee has asked Brown to appear at a "secret session" before they publish their report. He should demand to be heard in Public Session.

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