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February 01, 2006


One thing is predictable: with H5N1 in Iraq, the probability of it reaching the US is greatly amplified. And if any of the WHO experts are kidnapped or killed, they would be new entries to our growing list of the shameful & horrifying "unintended consequences" of the Iraq war.

What irony If the fubar situation in Iraq contributes to the mutation of avian flu into a more transmissible form. The unintended consequences of screwing up the war's aftermath and reconstruction would then be multiplied manifold. We can't impose a quarantine that would prevent our own troops from coming home, can we?

And if (when) avian flu comes here, the incompetent Bush Administration will still be "in charge".

I was really struck by Bush's sudden road-to-Damascus conversion on energy and science last night. Maybe those folks know some really bad things are on the way. In any event, it is going to be too little, too late.

Mimikatz, check this out:

Bird Flu Poses Threat To International Security,
Illinois Scholar Says

In the past, when government leaders, policymakers and
scholars have turned their attention to peace and
security issues, the talk invariably has focused on
war, arms control or anti-terrorism strategies. But
Julian Palmore believes it's time to expand the scope
of the conversation.

Julian Palmore, director of the U. of I. Program in
Arms Control, Disarmament and International Security,
believes bird flu may be an even greater threat to
international security than war or terrorism.

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